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February 8, 2015: Look West, Young ROW…

ROwin’ Merrily through the Snow!

Ever have one of those times when you suddenly realize that something that felt far off wasn’t, anymore – and that you have a LOT to do to get ready for it?

Ever have that happen when the event is an upcoming cross-continental vacation?

So, over the next few days, I’ll be winnowing these goals – something I’d already suspected would happen; before the month is over. It’s time, now – so that I can focus first on what I need to tend to before we go, then what I want to do, and then so that we can go enjoy time with friends and family.

The goals that step aside will return for March. =)

**Language Alert on all Lampoon clips except for the title sequence. **

The bigger picture:

February Accounting:

  • Goals attained: blue with strikethrough. 15.5

  • Goals in progress: green. 28.5

  • Goals-in-waiting: red. 17

February Update #1:


  • Oregon Trip: Planning and execution.

  • Revisions: Chameleon’s Dish; The IDIC Romance.

  • Write1Sub1: TBD; “Slow Jazz Awakening”.

  • Bloggy Stuff: Love Is In Da Blog, and, of course, Beauty of a Woman;  Original and Girl Boner editions.



Write rough draft – next chapter/story in “Monday Morning Coffee” series.

  • Tuesday Afternoon Tea” – Background complete through Character G/M/C.

February: Submit “Slow Jazz Awakening” to a fan fiction site TBD.

  • Compilation (Draft 1.5) progressing.

Kifo Island Chronicles:

Star Trek Chronology Project

The IDIC Romance: 

Research fan fiction sites.

Choose one for first submission.

Submit first story, “Slow Jazz Awakening”.

  • Progressing.

A-Z travel posts:

Create list of A-Z post topics.

Write intro post.

  • Set dates through April 13 post.
  • Make notes for all.
  • Rough draft 13.

Trueborn Warp/Weft series:

  • February: Review background information.

Write at least 750 words daily:

Use  for freewriting and to chart progress.

  • 6/28 days. Missed one by 400 or so; but still far ahead on average.


Chameleon’s Dish:

  • Revise all midpoints for Chameleon’s Dish (2 scenes).

The IDIC Romance:

Slow Jazz Awakening” – Complete draft.

  • Moving along.
  • Vermilion Threads” – Create new compilation rough draft.


  • Slow Jazz Awakening” – Complete revision passes.

Peach Liqueur Love” Complete Deep Revision through Exercise 3.

  • I reread the original story.

Choose story 4/5 for 2015 revision.

  • Answering Machine Flash”.

Social Media:

Blog Maintenance:

Maintain regular posting schedule, comments, and visits.

  • I “owe” one Sunday post; doubling up this week.

Build blog queues:

Write at least 1 Coffee and Conversation post.

  • Tomorrow’s is done!

Write 1 “special” WIPpet.

  • Nearing completion; two more in draft form.

Blogging Action Plan:

  • Rough draft revision.
  • Review Lovely Chaos Sidebar; make list of desired changes.

Twitter and Facebook

Visit Facebook twice weekly.

  • 4/2.

Visit Twitter thrice weekly.

  • 3/3.

Pinterest. LinkedIn,  WANATribe, ect:

Visit at least one weekly.

  • Quick Pinterest flyby.

Share posts – mine, and others’:

Share 5 items a week.

6/5: Reblog; Tweet; RT; Facebook page.

Blog views and followers:

Continue goal; increase to 50 (at least 10 times this month).

  • Feb.4: 59
  • Feb.5: 58
  • Feb.6: 40
  • Feb.7: 17
  • 5/28.


Family room reset:

Clean the three toy bins (trains; gears; misc.).

  • Clean the Lego and battle game drawers.

Kitchen reset:

  • Clean kitchen counter to left of sink.

Rehome serving dishes.

Inhabit my study:

Clean and organize floor.

  • Took a break to clean some shelves.

Personal Administration:

Clean, organize, and backup Writing Bullpen files‘; sort Leisure Time Reading file.

  • Streamlining in Writing Bullpen; sorted/purged in Writing Stuff folder instead of Leisure.

Maintain inbox below 100 messages twice weekly.

  • Monday; Friday (some; not all).

Homeschool Administration:

  • Begin second quarter homeschool reports for both kids, due March 15.


Keep visits up-to-date.


Oregon vacation:

Make list of what needs doing.

  • I decided to make a list of three things for each day, until we go…

Make schedule for accomplishing list items.

  • Still mostly organic, but coming together.

Do them.

  • Things are beginning to come together.
  • Make it So!”

Kindle ebooks:

Write reviews for 2 books on my Writers I Know list, and post to Amazon.

NNWM local group:

  • Continue attending write-ins whenever possible.

Interact at least weekly online.

  • Twice this week.


Experiment with guided/unguided meditation at least once a week.

TBR Stacks:

Read 1 book from bedroom TBR pile.

Smart Change:

  • Make a list of goals to focus on, using the methods in this book.

My beloveds:

One on one time with each, at least five times each, doing something of value to us both.

Paying it Forward:

Complete at least two beta reads and promotional blog posts for other writers as requested.

  • Early stages of arranging a guest poster for Mid-Marchish.

Fitness and Nutrition:


  • At the Y or a strenuous activity twice weekly.

Wii Fit at least once weekly, for 15 minutes minimum.

  • Controller malfunctioned at 12 minutes. So close!

Walk, dance, swim, or physical play:

  • With children, spouse, and/or dog at least weekly.


  • Attend a t’ai chi or yoga class.

Intuitive Eating:

  • Read.

Cooking/ Food Preparation:

  • Develop two self-made food options that support my nutritional goals.
  • Prepare repertoire food for myself at least weekly.

Maintain weekly nutritional quotas; adapt as needed.


Maintain or reduce weight; continue monthly checks.

Take a ride on the ROWboat!


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

5 thoughts on “February 8, 2015: Look West, Young ROW…

  1. Great progress on goals. Such a range in writing arena – from writing to editing, revising and critiquing. Will be lovely to escape this cold and snow. All the best in the week ahead

    1. I do love my options! =)

      The cold bothers me more than the snow, since I don’t have to drive in it, and Jim’s actually had a couple of long weekends because of it.

      Still, it’ll be nice to be somewhere that has green growing things and blossoms…

      I intend to take many pictures to share with my friends in snowy climes! =)

  2. Hey, your entry on the Linky brought me to a page of unschooling books. Just thought you should know.

    Where are you going in Oregon? I’ve been there a few times, mostly to Medford (I did some work for Harry and David), but also to Portland. Nice place to visit, not sure I’d want to live there. Try to see Crater Lake when you’re there; it’s gorgeous. But, if you go, make sure to dress warmly, because I don’t think it ever gets warm up there. It’ll be 70 at ground level and 30 next to the lake…

    1. Well, that’s very.very odd. I’ll bop right over and check that out.

      We’ll be in the Willamette Valley, traveling between Portland and the Eugene area, where Jim is from. Apparently, they’re having and early spring this year – and since we’re in the middle of yet another large storm, with temperatures (not windchills, JUST temperature!) expected to be 15 below zero later this week – well, early spring sounds lovely!

      Jim and I have lived in Oregon, but the last time we visited, I was 4 months pregnant for our 13 year old! We’re excited to introduce the kids…we may be moving there at some point, so it’ll be good to give them the lay of the land, as it were…

    2. I fixed the link! Thank you! On the plus side, they’re GOOD unschooling books! =)

      Guess when I’m posting half asleep, I should triple check my cutting and pasting!

      Again, thanks, John!

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