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#LoIsInDaBl Day 6: At the End of Vaara’s Rainbow

Put a Little Love in Yours!
Put a Little Love in Yours!

Hello there, and welcome to Day 6 of Love Is In Da Blog!

Today, Bee  prompts us to explore the Rainbow of Love – a celebration of all colors, flavors, and textures of consensual love. Since I wrote an essay on this subject  on Wednesday, today I’d like to share a bit of fiction – my first lesbian love scene,from my rough draft novel, Sima Garo Provides. This is the first coming-together of Vaara and Nisyn, two women of different cultures. My intent was to show the mutual interest and respect between them, and to make their attraction physical, but tender – something that will evolve into a far deeper connection. I hope you enjoy my form of celebration!

Author’s Note:

This scene is rated PG-13. If nudity and mild eroticism are offensive to your sensibilities, this may not be the post for you.

“Do you not play at Matehunt, then, Huntleader?” It was a soft question, almost spoken to oneself, a musing, of sorts.

She was jolted quickly awake; she must have dozed off. Vaara knew the scent, and the voice, but there was an odd note in it now, a type of expectancy she did not understand. She opened her eyes to study Nisyn. “Are you well? There was much travel today, and you walked more than you have, since your collapse.”

“Shinjao grows stronger as her Solemating and pregnancy grow.” It was newly dark, and the firstmoon was beginning to show, off to the southeast. Nisyn’s ice-blue eyes silvered and threw glints as she smiled and stretched toward the flames, and Vaara noticed how lovely was the line of her breasts as they fell forward. Deep within her, there was a stirring she had never felt, in such a moment.

“Then – you do not desire Matehunt, Nisyn? I thought everyone had gone to a nest, and would not emerge for many monslengths, yet.”

Nisyn looked at her sidelong, her expression a mystery, her scent amused and holding other things Vaara could not understand or interpret. “You keep asking questions, Huntleader Vaara, but you haven’t yet answered mine….don’t you play at Matehunt?”

“I have not played at Matehunt with any other,” she said, and wondered why it sounded something like a defense. Her own breasts tingled into tautness, her tongue flicking out of its own, to moisten dry lips. She was breathing more rapidly, watching Nisyn’s body as she moved through the poses of her stretching, holding each with the certainty of a statue.

“But do you enjoy it, as a solitary Hunt, Vaara? And, have you ever desired to share it with another?”

“I enjoy it,” she said, softly. “Now, tell me about your own pleasurings, if you will, Nisyn. Surely you have played at Matehunt with many?”

“I have had Matehunt with many. I’m Tacivaarii; it’s our nature. But I haven’t played, because, for that, I need to feel something deeper…and, until now, I haven’t.”

Vaara waited until she had her breathing somewhat under control. More was impossible. “Until now?”

“Until now.” She came no closer, but Vaara could feel the welcome in her mind as it turned toward her, the expectancy sharpening to eagerness. “And what of you, Huntleader Vaara? What do you feel?”

“I have not wanted to admit to it – there has been so much to tend to.”

“But there is not, now. There are others to do the tending, and help awaits us at Osiiraan. You’re free to feel and be as you please, at least so long as we shelter here.”

“I have been longing for someone with whom to share myself wholly. I have never had that, in my life.”

“I will play at Matehunt with you, if you’ll have me, Vaara.”

Vaara had not meant to come around the small fire. Yet suddenly she was standing before Nisyn, and the scent of the her wanting surrounded her, inflamed her bloodpulse with a strange new promise. She dared to reach out, to touch that fire-warmed skin, and sucked in her breath as her center pulsed with new awareness.

“Nisyn, I would learn how to pursue Matehunt with you, so long as it pleases us both…but I cannot play until I understand.”

“No, Huntleader. That’s not the way of it.” The other woman smiled, and lifted Vaara’s hand to kiss each fingertip softly. “We learn Matehunt by playing at it, the same way that a kit or pup learns Huntskills.” She brushed fingers along Vaara’s shoulder, with a slowness that brought a hungry shudder.

Does all such play feel – as this?” Breath whispered through her voice, leaving her lungs empty, so that she must gasp to draw more. She yearned to press herself against the lushness of Nisyn’s body, as it was warmed by the fire, and painted by the dancing shadows.

“Come to my nest, Vaara, and explore with me. It is in the low branches, where you can easily climb.”

“I will play at Matehunt with you, Nisyn.” There were other things Vaara wanted to say, but she did not have words for them.

Nisyn smiled gently and took Vaara’s hand gently, and led her to the base of a cataan tree, and the nest that waited in its budding foliage.

If you enjoyed that, I’d love to share two fellow writers who do a brilliant job with gay and lesbian fiction. They’ve entertained and inspired me with their realistic characters living realistic lives that include, but aren’t limited to, romance that can get delightfully steamy.

And find a rainbow of other #LoIsInDaBl posts here – and join in, if you’re so inspired!

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I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

5 thoughts on “#LoIsInDaBl Day 6: At the End of Vaara’s Rainbow

    1. I really like Vaara and Nisyn. They’re quite good together. Maybe I’ll share more of them on Tuesday…I haven’t spent time with them much just lately…I’ve missed them. =)

    2. I don’t know if I commented on this one yet, but I did want to tell you that Vaara, features prominently in my Trueborn Weft series books. I’m currently on hold with revising the story of Vaara’s niece, Tisira – you can find snippets of that here most Wednesdays (unless I’ve got a surprise to share, instead!), if you’re interested.

      And eventually, the series will be ready for publication – although that seems a long way off, still….

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