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SoCS and JusJoJan Day 31: Dance Lessons?

SoCS and JusJoJan Day 31: Dance Lessons?

Merrily Down the Stream…

Today’s SoCS post is “scene/seen”. It reminded me of Annalise, who, at about 5, was often an imaginary animal known as a Seen. It hid a lot, and, when spotted, gave a startled, big-eyed stare.

There’s no Seen in this story, but there’s dancing – allegedly, anyway. It takes place shortly after the events in my story “Inter-Species Relations” – in Star Trek: Enterprise series canon, after the episode “Bound”. You don’t need to have read or watch those, to understand this. I did edit a bit for length and clarity – couldn’t help myself! =D

Disclaimer: Archer, T’Pol, Trip, and all the rest of Star Trek are property of CBS/Paramount; no copyright infringement intended. I just want to play with them, and I’m careful!

**Big Ole SPOILER ALERT for all kindsa stuff!**

Captain Jonathan Archer paced Enterprise‘s corridors – nearly deserted, as everyone dealt with the aftereffects of the womens’ too-potent pheremones. Well, everyone but T’Pol and Trip. Vulcan physiology had worked in the first officer’s favor, this time. But Trip – Trip usually found trouble faster and better than anyone else in the crew. How he’d managed to slip by this time…

Did it have to do with T’Pol?

And why did that make him feel jealous, even to think about?

Because you still want her, Jon. You might even love her.

He remembered her on the Forge, calmly telling him she’d had an enormous, carnivorous pet as a child, and her defensive, “You have Porthos.” Just like her, to compare a sehlat – the most ferocious predator Jon had seen on any world he’d been on yet – to his gentle little beagle.

She was pretty damned ferocious, herself, these days. All those emotions trellium-D had loosed in her, emotions she now had to live with – she was turning them into tools, or sometimes weapons, like bladed Vulcan lirpa. She’d clutched her dying mother ferociously, struggling to hold back her tears – and, when she failed, it had gone straight to his soul to see how fiercely she sobbed, and how fast she yanked herself back to business; back to trying to protect him.

She was the strongest, smartest, stubbornnest, and most sensual woman he’d ever known.

“It’s just sexual frustration, Jon,” he told himself for the fourth time. “Phlox said to expect it. “

But he knew it was more, and had been for a long time now.

He sighed and stopped at the nearest interface. “Computer. Isolate and locate Commander T’Pol.” The only way he was going to get any peace was by talking to her, getting it all out in the open. And maybe – she was hard to read, but he thought, maybe –

The computer showed him the only Vulcan biosign on the ship. She was in the Conference Room; he knew she went there sometimes, to be alone. Perfect. Better than trying to sneak into her quarters without being seen, and having her tell him again that her neighbors were discreet. He’d never dared ask her how she knew. He was disturbed by the implications.

He didn’t announce himself. He wanted to see the first expression on her face when he came in – if there was a clue, that’s when he would see it – before she had a chance to suppress it. A small window, and one he’ lose if she knew he was there before the door opened…

It seemed to take forever-

“T’Pol, I – ” Whatever he had been going to say was lost as he began to absorb the scene. “What the hell-?”

Slowly, two heads – one blonde, one dark – separated, and turned to him. Hazel eyes and blue, seeming to be somewhere else, looked at him, but he wasn’t sure they really saw him at all. Trip had an arm slung low over T’Pol’s back, his hand casually curving over her hip. One of her hands was against the side of Trip’s face.

They were melding.

“Dance lesson, Cap’n,” Trip said, with a little shrug. He didn’t let her go. T’Pol rested her head against his chest, but didn’t drop her hand. Jon thought she looked very comfortable. They both did. “Apparently, I’m a lousy teacher any other way.”

“No music,” Jon said stupidly.

“All in my head.” T’Pol’s eyes were eloquent. “What did you want, Cap’n? Lady wants to learn to dance.”

Jon couldn’t say it, not in front of Trip. Was this just a dance lesson between friends, or something more? Was that why Trip was immune, because T’Pol was melding with him? She’d been afraid to try it with Hoshi, but she seemed very relaxed now. How long had they been doing this?

It was none of his business.

And he was jealous as hell. He would’ve happily taught her to dance – if he knew how.

“Lots of ways to dance without being so – “

“So what?” Leave it to her not to understand.

“So close together.”

“We must be close enough to meld.”

Logical. He should’ve known she’d have a logical reason even for this. Was it that innocent?

“Did you require something of me, Captain?”

“What? I – uhh – ” Jon grabbed for an excuse for walking in on whatever the hell this was that looked like way more than a dance lesson. “Dinner. I wanted to invite you – both – to dinner tonight.”

“I planned to pass the evening in meditation.”

“I haven’t really unpacked yet.”

“I can make it an order, Commanders. Dinner. Captain’s Table. 1900 hours. No excuses.” He started to turn away, then spun back – hoping to catch them at something, or hoping not to?

They looked back innocently. T’Pol’s hand was still right where it had been.

They were waiting for him to leave, so they could be alone.

“And, Commanders?”


“There’s no dancing during dinner.” But, he thought, as he got out with something like dignity, there would be some answers to what was going on between his First Officer and his Chief Engineer.

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    1. Well, yeah, it’s going to get a little battered – but not just yet. He takes a while to really understand what’s happened, and that he never really had a chance with her, because she was already Awakened to Trip by the time he met her.

      I think he’s going to be all right, eventually though. Someone’s had her eye on him for a while, now….

          1. That sounds fun. I’m not nocturnal I’m afraid – I have to have my 8 hours of sleep a night or thereabouts.

            But whatever floats your boat! (In case you don’t know what that means it’s kind of whatever suits you! I’m never too sure if I’m using English sayings etc that other people won’t understand!) 😀

          2. We do floating boats here, too!

            Jim is off work for the next three days (thank you, Super Bowl we don’t watch!), so I can sleep when I’m ready.

            The house gets quieter at nigh,t, usually. I think Jeremiah’s up, but he’s quiet at night, so I can write and think.

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