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January 21, 2015: Variable Visions

ROW, ROW, ROW your boat….

Can you believe that January is already winding down?

There were fewer people at the Y today, and I didn’t see any tours happening. So, resolutions may be waning, for some of those who set them. Since I’m a big-goals-taken-in-baby-steps type, I’m starting to see some cumulative progress, and I’m eager to see which goals I can complete in the next ten days. I’ve got most things in progress, now, and the longer-term projects are moving along. I’ll be patching in some of the smaller ones I haven’t spent much time with, too, for the remainder of this month.

Are you seeing progress with your goals or resolutions, or considering revisions to your vision?

January Update #5:

  • Goals attained: blue with strikethrough: 24.5

  • Goals in progress: green: 27

  • Goals-in-waiting: red: 6.5


  • Revisions: Chameleon’s Dish; The IDIC Romance; and “Morning Coffee”.

  • Write1Sub1: Terrance’s Story (for Kifo Island Chronicles); “Morning Coffee”.

  • Oregon Trip: Planning and preparing.

Dreams can come true – especially when I’m ROWing along! Photo by Annalise S. Burton.



Write rough draft of Terrance’s story (for Kifo Island Chronicles).

  • Cheat Sheet finished; plot and pinch points set.

Submit “Morning Coffee” to World Unknown Review.

  • Exercise 3/5 in revision.

Kifo Island Chronicles:

Sort stories into novella threads; choose three.

Complete background information for at least one, using Cathy Yardley‘s Rock Your Plot. 

Star Trek Chronology Project

Complete current viewing of Star Trek: Enterprise. 

Rewatch Season 1; taking notes and beginning story list.

The IDIC Romance: 

Research fan fiction sites.

Choose one for first submission.

A-Z travel posts:

Create list of A-Z post topics.

  • About 1/5.

Trueborn Warp/Weft series:

Sketch notes for next volume in each series.

  • Chose topics.
  • Basic bullet lists to ponder.

Write at least 750 words daily:

Use for freewriting and to chart progress.

  • 20/31 days.
Pre-revision notes, Bounded by a Nutshell.


Chameleon’s Dish:

Revise all plot points for Chameleon’s Dish (6.5 scenes).

  • 1.5/6.5 January scenes completed.

  • Revising Midpoint 2/3.

The IDIC Romance:

Complete revision pass for “Tigress T’Pol” as WIPpet project.

  • Yes! Done, and split into two final segments.

Combine “Breaking Protocol”, “Mystery Woman”, and “Magical Possibilities” into new rough draft.


Revise “Morning Coffee”.

  • New insights will make a longer, better story!

Choose at least 1 more story for 2015 revision.

Playful Learning!

Social Media:

Blog Maintenance:

Maintain regular posting schedule, comments, and visits.

  • Yes.

Build blog queues:

Write at least 1 Coffee and Conversation post:

Write 1 “special” WIPpet.

Blogging Action Plan:

Review Blogging Action Plan; highlight for revision.

Review Lovely Chaos Sidebar; make list of desired changes.

Twitter and Facebook: 

Visit each twice weekly.

  • Facebook: 1/ 2
  • Twitter: 1/ 2

Pinterest, LinkedIn, WANATribe, ect:

Visit one weekly.

  • WANATribe: Seems very quiet over there….
  • Pinterest – ooh, yummy!
  • 2/1.

Share posts – mine, and others’:

Share 3 items a week.

  • Several/3: Twitter and Facebook Writer Page, with hashtags.

Blog views and followers:

Increase blog views to 25 on a semi-regular basis (at least 10 times this month).

  • 19/31.
I know that desk is still there, under a pile of living…!


Family room reset:

Clean the three toy bins (trains; gears; misc.).

Clean the Lego and battle game drawers.

Kitchen reset:

Clean all kitchen counters to left of sink.

Rehome pans and serving dishes to pantry.

Inhabit my study:

Clean and organize floor.

  • Good progress!

Replace calendar and candle.

Use the space weekly.

  • All the writing stuff! =D

Personal Administration:

Clean, organize, and backup Desktop and Writing Bullpen files‘; sort Leisure Time Reading file.

  • More LTR sorting/deleting.

Maintain inbox below 100 messages twice weekly.

  • Tuesday. 1 /2.

Homeschool Administration:

Begin second quarter homeschool reports for both kids, due March 15.

Photo digitalization:

Scan Oregon travel photos; save in organized files with backup.


Submit sponsor post.

Keep visits up-to-date.

Give us peace.


Oregon vacation:

Make list of what needs doing.

Make schedule for accomplishing list items.

Do what can be done in January; evaluate weekly.

  • Began discussing/ arranging rental car; itinerary; scheduling.

Kindle ebooks:

Read and write reviews for 2 books on my Writers I Know list.

NNWM local group:

Continue attending write-ins whenever possible.

  • Not this week, due to weather.

Interact at least weekly online.

  • Tuesday morning.


Experiment with guided/unguided meditation at least once a week.

TBR Stacks:

Read 1 book from bedroom TBR pile.

Smart Change:

Make a list of goals to focus on, using the methods in this book.

  • Reread most of Chapter One.


Reconnect with USS Albany group.

  • Emailed!

My beloveds:

One on one time with each, at least twice per month, doing something of value to us both.

  • 4/2 -Accomplice and Annalise.
  • 5/2 – Jeremiah.
  • Fashion; Cookie Clicker; workout/ dinner out; couples’ time/movies.

Paying it Forward:

Complete at least two beta reads and promotional blog posts for other writers as requested.

  • Completed Chapter Four.
  • Betas: 0 /2 complete.

Fitness and Nutrition:


At the Y or a strenuous activity at least weekly.

  • Yes; strong on weights, light on cardio.

Wii Fit at least once weekly, for 15 minutes minimum.

Walk, dance, swim, or physical play:

With children, spouse, and/or dog at least weekly.

  • Workout with Jeremiah.


Find out t’ai chi and yoga class schedules.

Intuitive Eating:


Cooking/ Food Preparation:

Develop a repertoire of 4 self-made food options that support my nutritional goals.

Maintain weekly nutritional quotas; adapt as needed.


Maintain or reduce weight; continue monthly checks.

  • Maintained preceding weight. =)

Take a ride on the ROWboat!

Sunset in Florence, Oregon, long ago….


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

20 thoughts on “January 21, 2015: Variable Visions

  1. I try to give myself some flexibility when it comes to my goals because new stories are always popping up throughout the year and I want to give myself the freedom to catch a new story as it’s floating past. My goal for this year is to have two stories submission-ready by the end of the year, in addition to revising/drafting a couple other stories.

    Great progress on your goals! Oregon sounds like fun. I’ve never been but it looks like such a beautiful place.

    1. Oregon is beautiful! I’ve been scanning the pictures, and I’m eager to start playing with them, so I can share them!

      All my goals are flexible, too. And I know what you mean about new stories. I do love that new story smell!

      Your goals sound very reasonable, with lots of room for new things to evolve.

    1. I like to take pictures, and the play with them, although I don’t get to it as often as I might like.

      It really is pretty amazing, how fast this month is going….I feel like if I blink a time or two, the month’ll be gone.

      I’m having a lot of fun with these goals. Even if I don’t finish the entire list, I’ll have moved a LOT of things ahead. =)

  2. Love the room and the view in the pic of Annalise! Been thinking of you lately as I have been doing more unschooling than ever with Mini-Me (8). Today she is researching information on horses (an obsession of hers for the past 3 years or so). 🙂

    1. We were at the Children’s Museum at Saratoga, last January. I loved the shot, and she was so serious about the play. We had such a good time!

      Lise has been a big fan of horses since she was about 5. Before that, it was gorillas. =) She too some Parelli natural horsemanship classes from a high school friend of mine, and loved that!

      Today, Lise is reading Five Nights at Freddy’s fan fiction. Jeremiah’s playing computer Solitaire, which he discovered yesterday, with Cookie Clicker in the background. He’s just come home from playing pool with his grandfather.

      It’s a mellow bit of time here…

      Enjoy the explorations! =)

          1. By the phrase “teaching learning” I meant “teaching my kids how to learn” :-). It’s actually quite helpful that I’ve been doing a mix for quite awhile; moving more into probably a 90-10 now where before I was probably doing 60-40.

          2. I get what you mean….only, kids are born to learn, and learning. The proof is in all the things babies learn in the first months of life…from how to nurse or take a bottle, to using their hands, to the ability to locomote and begin to use language…

            Learning is as natural as breathing. I’m guessing that, as you add in more and more unschooling thoughts, you’ll see it in more and bigger ways, and that’s awesome! =D

            If you’re interested, I have some cool links and resources (you may already have your own, and I’m guessing you have lots and lots of things to do with your time, so I understand if you’re full up on what you can take in! ❤

          3. That is true, but my older kids, with their histories, need a little re-teaching ;-). I would love any additional resources you can share! It may take me time to work through them, but work through them I will! ❤

          4. This might be a good place to start, because it’s designed to be taken in little bits and pieces, thought about, experimented with…

            I don’t think it specifically addresses their situations, but Sandra’s site is HUGE, and there are lots of links to other places and lists…

            Happy learning – for you and them! =)

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