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Round One Goals: Re-Visioning My Life

Come ROW with us! =)

Hey, all! Have you enjoyed ringing in the new year? Ready to get back into the swing of things with familiar routines, the tried and true underpinnings of your life? Or, like me, are you taking a look at what you’ve been doing, and thinking that a change just might do you some real good?

Today is January 5, the beginning of A Round of Words in 80 Days 2015 – the writing challenge that knows you have a life. If you aren’t familiar with ROW80, you can learn more about it by clicking the icon above.

2014 was a banner writing year for me. I finished with all of my pending drafts completed, a significant increase in blog activity – which means I have many more online friends -, many ideas to develop, and, to cap off this goodness, I was honored to have two essays chosen for inclusion in an upcoming nonfiction anthology, and my short story, “A Splash of Red”, published – for pay! – in the inaugural issue of World Unknown Review.

I might have achieved some of these things without being involved in ROW80, which focuses on autonomous goal-setting, adaptability, self-defined achievement, group support, and accountability…but I don’t think I would have accomplished nearly so much. I’ve learned a tremendous amount in the three years I’ve been a part of the amazing community that Kait Nolan has built, and I expect that that trend will continue through this year and beyond.

My 2015 theme is exploration. I have a set of annual goals, which I will update at the end of each round. I’ve used these goals to create my Round One goals, a subset with the theme of Re-Visioning. I’ll use the beginning of the year to reacquaint myself with my goals, and with projects that have been set aside for a while.

I will update the Round One goals at the end of each month.

Beginning with my Wednesday update, I will be using monthly goals – a smaller subset of the Round One goals listed here. These will be updated twice weekly, on Sundays and Wednesdays.

OK, that takes care of business….shall we begin?


Writing and living!


  • Chameleon’s Dish: Revise all plot and pinch points, prologue and epilogue (14.5 scenes).
  • The IDIC Romance: Revise stories through “Tigress T’Pol”. (5 stories).
  • Write1Sub1: Revise “Morning Coffee” and “Peach Liqueur Love”, using Sarah Selecky‘s Deep Revision process; choose three more short stories to revise in 2015.
Editing Playground!

Social Media:

  • Blog Maintenance: Keep regular posting schedule, comments, and visits.
  • Build blog queues: 3 general posts; 1 each WIPpet and C and C posts.
  • Blogging Action Plan: Review/revise plan; overhaul Lovely Chaos sidebar.
  • Twitter and Facebook: Visit at least twice weekly.
  • Pinterest, LinkedIn, WANATribe, ect: Visit at least one weekly.
  • Share posts – mine, and others’: Share at least 5 items a week.
  • Blog views and followers: Increase blog views to 50 at least 10 times per month; followers to 700; WordPress followers to 222.
More time spent with this….


  • Complete resets/reorganizations: Complete family room reset; clean all kitchen counters; organize/remodel island; and rehome pans and serving dishes to pantry.
  • Inhabit my study: Clean and organize floor and project table; replace calendar and candle; use the space at least twice per week.
  • Personal Administration: Clean, organize, and backup Desktop and Writing Bullpen files’ sort Leisure Time Reading file; maintain inbox below 100 messages at least twice weekly.
  • Homeschool Administration:Complete second quarter homeschool reports for both kids, due March 15.
  • Photo digitalization: Scan Arizona and Oregon travel photos; save in organized files with backup.
  • ROW80: Submit sponsor post; keep visits up-to-date.
Little boy, big vacuum, long ago!


  • Oregon vacation: Prepare for and take vacation trip in February.
  • Kindle ebooks: Read and write reviews for the 6 books on my cloud written by writers I know.
  • NNWM local group: Continue attending write-ins whenever possible; interact regularly online.
  • Meditation: Experiment with guided/unguided meditation at least once a week.
  • TBR Stacks: Read 3 books bedroom TBR pile.
  • Smart Change: Select a goal to focus on, using the methods in this book.
  • Starfleet: Reconnect/possibly rejoin USS Albany group.
  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, at least twice per month, doing something of value to us both.
  • Paying it Forward: Complete at least two beta reads and promotional blog posts for other writers as requested.
With my Mobile Muse!

Fitness and Nutrition:

  • Workouts: at the Y or a strenuous activity at least weekly; with Wii Fit at least once weekly.
  • Walk, dance, swim, or physical play: With children, spouse, and/or dog three weekly.
  • Practice: Resume t’ai chi or yoga classes by end of round.
  • Intuitive Eating: Read and begin considering.
  • Cooking/ Food Preparation: Develop a repertoire of 10 self-made food options that support my nutritional goals.
  • Weight: Maintain or reduce weight; continue monthly checks.

These goals are a part of Kait Nolan‘s ROW80 Writing Challenge See what other participants are planning.


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

14 thoughts on “Round One Goals: Re-Visioning My Life

  1. Whoa! Your goals are way more ambitious than mine! Similar to your hope for EXPLORATION, my one-word theme of the year is COMPLETION. I’m attempting 500 words per day, with hopes of completing my WIP by June 30, 2015. I know I need to work in some exercise, too, so maybe I’ll concentrate more on that next round. Good luck! We can do this!

    1. We CAN do this (even if it means comments get replied to embarrassingly late!).

      I like a lot of goals, because my mind tends to flit. So I list all the things I want to play with, and then – well, I play! =D

  2. As always, Shan, your list of goals seems astronomical to me. How you seem to always reach almost everything you set out to do simply amazes me. I am amazeballs at you! 🙂
    I’m gonna have to start watching ‘Enterprise’, too, now, aren’t I? (add that to my To Do list, right under ‘find To Do list’).

  3. Wow, that is quite some list of goals! Makes me tired just reading it. 🙂 Good luck!

    We’ll probably be in Oregon in April or May, but first my husband has to get a new passport …

  4. Wow, you are very organized. I’m dropping back in after a year long break and decided to keep it simple. Good luck with all your goals this year. See you round the watercooler.

    1. Apparently, I haven’t made it to the cooler till now- I think I was by the coffeepot…

      I’m happy to see that you’re back. =)

      ROW80 has done wonders for my ability to set, organize, and achieve goals!

      There’s something to be said for simple. My brain just refuses to work that way, though, so I give it lots to play with.

  5. wow shan – you are an organized woman for sure! and I like how you split up your areas into nice categories –
    also I have a quick question for you about book reviews – well with ones from writers that you know – have you ever offended anyone with honesty? and how do you go about giving a review while being honest – seems like such a tricky area… so I am just curious.
    anyhow, cheers to a new year – and I love that photo with the vacuum… ❤ ❤

    1. The categories really just help me to blend the facets of my life, so I don’t forget to eat, or get so lost in the worlds in my head that I forget the people in my life…

      As for reviews, I got a lot of practice some years ago, when I belonged to an online critique group. We were required to be diplomatic. On a few occasions, something was so awful to my sensibilities that I simply pretended I hadn’t read it and kept my thoughts to myself. I haven’t needed to do that with a book; but I would if I couldn’t say something positive. Usually, I try to bookend the more critical parts with things I liked, to cushion the blow. I try for honesty that is respectful and recognizes that mine is just one opinion…

      He was deeply and passionately besotted with vacuums, was that little boy!

      1. thanks for taking the time to share this Shanjenna 🙂

        “Usually, I try to bookend the more critical parts with things I liked, to cushion the blow. I try for honesty that is respectful and recognizes that mine is just one opinion.”
        seriously, I really appreciate it

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