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JusJoJan Day 1 – Jotting, Diffused

Well, here we are. A brand-new month, the first in a brand-new year. And for the first year since I began writing seriously in 2009, I ended 2014 with no “hanging” novel drafts.

I wrote the last line of Perchance to Dream with three minutes to spare, then went to ring in a new year with my three beloveds.

And then….well, I got just a little lost.

Always happens, when I finish a draft, and this time, it’s amplified – because I finished The Earth Doth Move, and scarcely took time for a breath and the requisite hot shower before diving headlong into PTC, because I really wanted to get it finished too….

Because I’ve been flooded with story worlds since November 1, and, although I’ve got the feeling that I’ve just completed the literary (OK, Star Trek fan fiction, but my fan fiction is GOOD – just as important to me as my original work) Iron Man competition, and I’m tired….

I’m not sure I’m ready to stop swimming in those flood waters yet…it gets to be a habit, after a while, and the current is strong….

I’ll need some time to adjust to a less intensive writing pace.

I’m giving myself till the beginning of the next round of ROW80, which begins on Monday. I’m not going to stop doing my writerly things – I don’t want to! But I will be easing into a more revision-oriented place, until the next writing surge comes to swallow me up from April-July…

So, I’m going to use this as something of an R and R time – to wrap up, catch up, indulge, dream and scheme, and tend to a few things that have been waiting in the wings.

I may do some or all of the following:

  • Read Enterprise fan fiction (already started; #itswritingresearch)
  • Make progress on travel plans
  • Write ROW80 goals and sponsor posts
  • Write 2 RDAP posts
  • Begin first beta read
  • Resume revisions for Chameleon’s Dish (pending title change?)
  • Answer comments and visit blogs
  • Write ideas for next volume (s) in the Truebornย Warp Series, while the last two WIPs are fresh in my mind
  • Set Round 1 and January goals
  • Sort Kifo Island Chronicles into novella threads.
  • Plan and sign up for various 2015 challenges
  • Hometending and family stuff
  • And just be….

That seems like a pretty exhaustive list…but I like big lists and I cannot lie!


Well, so far, of those above goals for the next few days, I’ve managed to:

  • I spent the entire night until 10am, reading fanfic.
  • I slept until after 5pm, and woke to a much cleaner abode, and food cooking. Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate my Accomplice in Mischief, and how he accepts my often outrageously nocturnal ways?
  • Inadvertently wrote what might be most of a ROW80 sponsor post, while answering blog comments (that’s a twofer!).
  • Thought vaguely about the RDAP posts I want to write.
  • Began plowing through a 490 message email backlog to find the beta read.
  • Pulled up the Scrivener file for Chameleon’s Dish; srolled and skimmed blankly, retaining nothing…so it’s clearly not time for that one yet…
  • A few blog comments and visits made…
  • Reread some bits and pieces of the two Warp Series WIPs I just finished drafting. Nothing new written, but churning with ideas.
  • Made progress with 2015 and Round 1 goalsetting.
  • Began sorting KIC stuff into novella threads (I think three character focuses per book). Eight existing POV characters assigned; 1 more to write.There are 26 existing characters, so that’s a good start.
  • Looked at Write 1 Sub 1. I think my challenges are set, at least for January.
  • Hometending and family stuff. Not much hometending; I’ve helped keep the fire going. Lots of family connection when individual orbits intersect; we’re all doing our own things, today…

Now, I’m watching season 4 of Enterprise (#itsstillwritingressearch!), and just remembered that one of the challenges I signed up to do was Just Jot It January, and I almost forgot about the very first post! So, guess what?

This is it – this rather free-form, jumbled, distracted, overtired despite seven hours of sleep (that’s a lot for me!) type of post…

A peek, maybe, into the head of a writer who just reached a long-anticipated personal finish line, and the deep exhale that accompanies it. An easing into a new year, and a new focus.

Or just the dribble and drabble leaking out of my sleepy, wandering, wondering mind as it resets itself, to something new.

And Happy 2015 to you! =D


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

12 thoughts on “JusJoJan Day 1 – Jotting, Diffused

  1. Goodness! Are you ever going to schedule yourself some nice comfy revision time? All this creativity must be pretty exhausting. Or maybe it energizes you? Me–I would have to take a break and spend time with older creations before moving on.

    1. *giggling just a little maniacally*

      January-March will be heavily revision-focused…but I have a mind that wants lots and lots to pick from – and a lifestyle that shifts and flows…so I won’t be doing “just revision”.

      I love the re-creation of a story. However, I’m newish to doing it with an actual plan, and it’s mentally and physically taxing.

      I’ve also written my double series out of sequence (because I didn’t realize I was writing a double series until several books had been drafted, and I saw how they all fit together). So I’m in the position of knowing what will happen in a basic sense, but having some large gaps. My intention is to fill in those gaps while revising the earliest-completed (but last, in chonological terms) books. I’m moving toward the place where I can move forward in a more coherent fashion, but there are things that need to be written before that can happen.

      When I get to the point where all the volumes have been drafted, there will be considerably more time devoted to revision…but I know I’ll still need times of intense creativity, because my mind craves that, even though you’re totally right on the exhaustion factor…and the energizing one, too…writing gives me more ideas for writing…always has!

      I guess I just don’t have a particularly linear approach – to anything!

      There is a certain power, though, that comes from knowing ourselves, and what will work for us.

      May you have a comfy and delightful new year, my friend! =D

  2. After all the writing and finishing your drafts, you most definitely deserve a break. Happy New Year Shan. Hope 2015 is a fantastic year for you and yours.
    Loved the link for write/sub – I’m going to try it.

    1. Believe it or not, this IS a break, for me. It doesn’t feel good to me to not be doing writing-things…I spent decades feeling guilty about my writing, trying to justify what my father called a pipe-dream, and pushing it aside to do all those things I was ‘supposed to do’.

      I get a little thrill every time I delve into my writing projects, and I’m definitely a happier and easier person to live with!

      I do relax into a slower pace – after the drafting, and in the space between rounds. So I’m just going with the flow of my interests, until Monday- I’ll finish a thing or three, and move more forward, and that will give me some momentum when the round starts, and my focus grows sharper.

      It’ll be good to get back. I miss my ROW80 friends!

  3. Haha. Ditto to what Linda said. You’re making me look bad, sister! Keep up the fantastic work, but honestly, you deserve a rest. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I AM resting – this is me resting…I just happen to have the type of brain that requires activity.

      I’m giving myself he freedom to putter with this and that, to read fanfic and watch Enterprise, to just do without a huge degree of focus involved.

      I don’t like stopping. For me, writing isn’t work. It can be strenuous and challenging, but it’s an act of passion – something like raising the children and nurturing my marriage.

      When I’m not doing writing things daily, I feel as though something vital is missing.

      I certainly don’t want to make anyone look bad!

      1. I was teasing about the looking bad. I’m finding the more I allow writing into my life, the more passionate I am about it, so I completely understand. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. Agreed! What I should have said is, I’m in awe of you and what you manage to accomplish; but I can tell you it wouldn’t work for me in my life. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Keep up with it? Well, that’s an ever-shifting blend. Sometimes I’m more on top of things than others, but I tend to see it as a buffet, so that I can sample nibbles of this and big bites of that…

      This isn’t a formal list, though- just things I can do in the post-drafting, pre-NaNo days…

      I figure that I’ll be doing something, far as keeping track of it, though…did you notice that I didn’t get this posted until the second day of the month? ;0

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