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WIPpet Wednesday: About a Thousand Years Ago…


Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date. It is hosted by the lovely K.L. Schwengel, maven of bad boys, stock dogs, and flying monkeys!

I’ve got kind of big news to share today! My fantasy short story, “A Splash of Red” was accepted by L.S. Engler for her brand-new literary anthology, World Unknown Review!

I’m excited. I’ve never had a short story accepted before, and I spent a lot of time with this one. It took about three years to go from a half-autobiographical dream to the version I submitted. There were times in the revision process where I was certain it was a tangled and half-baked story that would never make sense, and that no one would want to read it.

If I hadn’t spent those years sharing my writing in forums like this one, I don’t think I would have had the courage to submit this story, which is truly a little piece of my soul, and my life, to a paying market. It would still be just “something I’m playing with”.

But now, it will be more. My little baby story is out in the world, getting ready to fly…

It’s scary-wonderful. I’m deeply honored and grateful for the opportunity.

And now, on to the WIPpeting! =D

I’m sharing a story from The IDIC Romance, my Story A Day May Challenge project. This is a Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction, exploring the interspecies relationship of T’Pol and Trip.

Disclaimer: T’Pol, Trip, and all the rest of Star Trek are property of CBS/Paramount; no copyright infringement intended. I just want to play with them, and I’m careful!

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is November 19, 2014.
  • My simple non-math: 11 mostly short paragraphs, for the month.

This story is an add-on scene for the pilot episode: “Broken Bow Part 1”. Ive done my best to extrapolate without violating series canon.

This snippet follows immediately after last week’s WIPpet, Little Miss Not So Logical? Trip’s in the middle of his own rather intense reaction…will T’Pol be able to help him, or will she give in to her own powerful impulses?

“Are you well, Commander Tucker?”

I realized I’d been staring at her chest, and jerked my focus back to her face – damn, was it just my imagination, or did she actually look amused?

“I’m, uh, just fine'”.

“Your complexion has changed color, your respiration and heart rate have undergone marked acceleration, and your pupils are dilated – ” She might be back to being a clinician, but this was damned sure not my idea of ‘playing doctor’!

I seem to remember you being more than a little green and breathless yourself, a few minutes ago, Subcommander.

I have explained that my -intense reaction – was due to an instinctive and involuntary response -”

“Yeah? Well, I’m, uh- having a pretty’ intense reaction’ to you, just now. I’ll, uh, get hold of myself in a few seconds.” How the hell I was going to do that, I had no idea, but I didn’t need to tell her that.

“Is there some way I can – assist you?” Her voice went all soft and husky, and the places my mind leapt to – her pinning me down again, or stripping out of her clothes, or – were definitely not helping…well, they were helping something, but I hadn’t exactly had any problems in that department, at least not since she walked into the Cap’n’s Ready Room and put my body and imagination on high alert, even when she was ignoring me or driving me nuts…

“Aww, hell…” I wanted to grab her, crush her against me, breathe in that exotic scent, feel her come passionately alive, throw caution out the nearest airlock and touch my fingertips to hers, so we could get lost together in whatever that plasma current was… “Stop it, Tucker. Stop it right now, while you still can.” I growled it through gritted teeth, and straightened my spine to attention. T’Pol’ eyes scanned slowly down my body, pausing just south of center, and she sighed and quivered. Nothing in hell I could do to hide the fact that I was at attention with all I had…

“Damn damn damn,” I whispered, watching my hand reach toward her as though it belonged to someone else, wondering what it was going to do, sure it was going to get us both in more trouble…but all I did was straighten her jacket so that it hung evenly again…well, that and curl my hand over that trembling shoulder, almost close enough to touch her delicately pointed ear…

“Commander Tucker.” She said it softly, her eyes wide, and her full lips almost seeming to caress my title and name – but it was enough. I scrubbed a hand over my face and through my hair – damn, please don’t let her decide she needs to fix it again! Before she could, I whirled around and paced the three steps to the corner she’d gone to after that first kiss, about a thousand years ago, now…

Will Trip stay in the corner? Will T’Pol let him? Will they ever figure out how to be in the same place and not have’ intense reactions’ to each other?

You guessed it – you can watch the episode, or come back next week for another WIPpet snippet!

Until next week, live long, prosper, and, if it applies, happy NaNoing, y’all!


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

25 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: About a Thousand Years Ago…

  1. Congratulations on your story!!!!! That’s HUGE news! I’m really excited for you.

    I snorted loudly at this line: “I’ll, uh, get hold of myself in a few seconds.” Why yes, my mind *did* go in a very inappropriate direction there. It was even better when her dialog followed with “Is there some way I can – assist you?” Their exchanges are priceless. As steamy as their heated kisses are, I actually enjoy the innuendo-laced banter even more.

  2. Woot! Congrats on your short story being accepted for publication. I bet that’s a great feeling. Enjoy your happy dance. 🙂

    “…throw caution out the nearest airlock…” What a great line. Great sexual tension in this scene. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. This story laid parts of me bare. It was painful and scary…and I feel brave for even having submitted it.

      I’m taking a few deep breaths every time I think about it being released into the world…

      As for Commander Tucker, he’s known for a great many things- but a cautious nature is NOT one of them!

      And T’Pol…well, she tends to make him just a little crazy…in more ways than one!

      They’ll be around for at least a few more weeks. =D

    1. That made me laugh! I think it’s more like he’s fleeing in terror, or giving his body a time-out…or his imagination…or his libido…Or something….yeah. something. What remains to be see is what T’Pol is going to do about it…. =D

    1. Amazing. And scary. This one is a very intimate piece, too…bits of my life are scattered through it, some almost whole, some a little twisted, and some clearly fictional..but, in a sense, I lived this story decades before I was able to write about it.

      Thanks for the kudos, Kate! =D

  3. haha this story gets better and better each week! I love it. And I love fangirling over it with you.

    so many congrats on your short story! That’s huge! It really us. Congrats and congrats again! What are you going to do to celebrate!?

    1. I love that there are people here to fangirl over it with me. I mean, these two have been in this cell for a loooonnnggg time now, WIPpet-wise. I love that so many of my fellow WIPpeteers are still into it.

      I really haven’t thought about how to celebrate, since I’ve been sucked into the NaNo madness….hmmm….now I am thinking about it, though…got any ideas?

        1. Well…it’s a paying market, but not a huge one. =) But, while I was reading this, I looked at my wallet, and realized that it’s a little battered. So maybe I’ll treat myself to a cute new one…I do like an occasional Guinness, but maybe I could meet someone for coffee, or treat my family to dinner, if this turns bigger. =)

  4. I’m sorry, but given the context, I went to a bad place with this, “I’ll, uh, get hold of myself in a few seconds.” And then later to follow it up with, “Nothing in hell I could do to hide the fact that I was at attention with all I had…” You’re a naughty, naughty girl. 😉 Bravo again. These two are electrifying.

    And much happy dancing, flailing of limbs, tossing of confetti, and flying monkeys doing aerial maneuvers on the short story!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I totally never saw that ‘getting hold of myself” until I was ready to post…and then, I left it there, to see what would happen. You’re obviously better at double entendres than T’Pol is…=D

      They really are a lot of fun, these two. At least, in a cell…but look out when they’ve got to try to get back to work, with all this tension and sparking going on…

      And thanks for the very dramatic celebration of the story,too! Had to bite my tongue not to laugh out loud…people asleep here….and I’ll soon be one of them.

    1. Poor Trip. I mean, she HAD to arch her back, didn’t she? Just when he thought he had it all – sorta- under control again…

      It is very exciting. And also a bit terrifying!

  5. That’s wonderful news 🙂 Congratulations on the publication of A Splash of Red, I’m absolutely thrilled for you.

    Now…onto the lovely duo and WIPpet. I loved this tension filled scene, and it wasn’t only the sexual tension – it was the emotional tension too. There’s also the humour I love (‘came to attention with all I had’ – absolute classic!). I’m so excited to discover whether T’Pol follows him into the dark and intimate corner…

    1. I took a whole day to just absorb the news. I’ve had an essay or two, and a few poems published, but never a story…and this one matters a lot to me. It was healing to write, and I hope it will be for at least a few of the people who read it….

      It does seem to be the way for TnT that only one of them gets to totally lose control at a time, and that the other can pull it together – more or less! – when needed…

      Poor Trip. All that chivalry, undone by her up front…doesn’t that seem to be the way, all too often? =D

      And T’Pol certainly does seem to be able to -ahem – get a rise out of him!

      Whether she follows him or not…well, I may know, but I think they’d both turn on me if I spilled before it was time! =D

      1. lol – we wouldn’t want them to turn on you. We want them happy! I’m not generally a patient person, but where those two are concerned…I’m enjoying the ride (no pun intended 😉

        Will you be announcing where we can get a copy of A Splash of Red?

        1. Yes, I will, as soon as I have links and info. Publication, at this point, is scheduled for the end of the year.

          The ride, with these two, is definitely a huge part of the draw, for me. The buildup and anticipation, the learning, the missteps and unintentional hurts…the show handled it beautifully, most of the time, and I hope that I’m adding texture and urgency without detracting from the original magic that is Trip and T’Pol, figuring stuff out…

          1. I don’t think you’re detracting from it in the slightest. You’re accentuating it, and there’s something to be said for delayed gratification!

            I’ll look forward to getting my hands on a copy of A Splash of Red – what a treat 🙂

          2. Well, that is the goal. I just know there’s more story there than the series, as good as it was, got to…

            By a looong shot. I know this because T’Pol will NOT stop showing me bits of it! OK, I didn’t really try to get her to stop…

            I hope you’ll enjoy “ASOR”. It’s very different, and it doesn’t have any Vulcans…

          3. As long as I get my weekly fix of T’Pol and Trip I’m happy! I’m sure I’ll love ASOR – I’m always swept away by your writing style…I sometimes forget where I am!

          4. Wow – that’s high praise! Adding setting is still very challenging for me (the cell is perfect, because it’s such a non-space). I’m learning to add just the details that are relevant, and it’s helping…

            You’ll have TnT for a while yet…but then we’ll be returning to the delightful Henry/Tisira/Nockatee combo…at least, for a little while…

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