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WIPpet Wednesday: Little Miss Not So Logical?

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date. It is hosted by the lovely K.L. Schwengel, maven of bad boys, stock dogs, and flying monkeys!

I’m sharing a story from The IDIC Romance, my Story A Day May Challenge project. This is a Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction, exploring the interspecies relationship of T’Pol and Trip.

My NaNo count is over 50K, and Act One of The Earth Doth Move is starting to get close to becoming Act Two. Spock has made a decision that will change the course of his life-and those changes begin with sudden impact…you can read snippets of that story here and here….

Here, though, I’m sticking with Trip and T’Pol, because I can’t just leave them hanging, all revved up and locked in a cell for a month with no one popping in on them…can you imagine the delicious trouble they could get up to?

Can you imagine missing it?!

No need to panic…I’ve got you covered! And, for our intrepid Puppet WIPpet Mistress, who added another 10K to her WIP, I’ve got a handful, or two. Or Trip does. Or maybe it’s T’Pol. Or just a fantasy. Maybe I need to go to bed instead of writing all night…nah!

Disclaimer: T’Pol, Trip, and all the rest of Star Trek are property of CBS/Paramount; no copyright infringement intended. I just want to play with them, and I’m careful!

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is November 12, 2014.
  • My convoluted math: 1+1+1+2+2+1= 8 (yes, I pulled all the 1s and 2s, and skipped the rest, which I think makes it extra WIPpetty math!)
  • You get eight shortish paragraphs, this week.
  • I’m adding in the last two sentences from last, to help put the scene in context.

This story is an add-on scene for the pilot episode: “Broken Bow Part 1”. Ive done my best to extrapolate without violating series canon.

This snippet follows immediately after my WIPpet from two weeks back, Instruction in the Proper Techniques. This week, T’Pol gets in Trip’s hair….but can he get her out?

Last week’s conclusion:

“Your hair – is also disarranged.” Shaky fingers crept up, then hovered about at the level of my shoulder, and there was a question in the set of her face – how the hell did she manage that, and not look like she’d shifted a muscle?

And now for today’s installment:

“Go ahead,” I nodded and leaned in a little closer, so she could reach me. She moved slowly, tentative at first, her fingers stroking and quivering. I watched her face; her eyes were half closed, and her lips were parted; other than her fingers, she was very, very still. I was sure I’d never get enough of how beautiful and absorbed she was – was she really going to walk out of my life in just a few days? Would I ever see her again? Would she want to see me?

After a minute or so, her feathery touches on my scalp were stirring things back to life in other places, and I squirmed, wondering if she was ever going to stop.

“Hey, T’Pol?” No answer; she didn’t even twitch. I was starting to get the idea that Vulcans were as serious and single-minded about sex as they were about everything else. “”T’Pol?”

Was it really only a little while ago I was calling her Little Miss Logical in my mind? Where was Little Miss Logical now? Her fingers were bolder, and she was using both hands, tracing out my ears, again and again, and now I shuddered, imagining what those dancing digits could do on other sensitive parts of my anatomy. Damn, this woman was irresistable- and maybe unstoppable, too…

“Subcommander T’Pol.” Desperate, I straightened my spine to attention; she jerked in surprise, her eyes snapping open, but looking huge and dazed – just like they had that night at Fusion. She almost snatched her hands away, putting them into her lap, where they clasped and twisted restlessly.

“I was – merely – returning your hair to a state of order.”.She was looking at me like she desperately wanted me to believe it, so that she could try to.

“If you say so, Subcommander.” I shrugged. “Course, I really don’t have that much hair on the outside of my ears.” I grinned, and, while she stared at me, I got up, and stuck out a hand to her. Maybe I was playing with fire, but I was still a gentleman – and I wanted her to touch my fingers again, so I could feel that sizzling awareness of her.

T’Pol stared at my hand, and, for a second, I thought maybe she’d take it this time. Instead, she unfolded to stand up as gracefully as a ballet dancer, clasping her hands behind her again, That put a delicious little arch in her back, pressing her breasts up touchably close. Now my imagination, which was a damned fool, played out a scene where I slipped that jacket off her shoulders, figured out how the uniform worked, and did away with whatever she wore underneath, and revealed the double handful of delight under all those layers, so that I could find out what she felt like…I wondered if she’d like that, if she’d arch in even closer, if she’d beg me to undress her, touch her everywhere, make long slow love with her…

Will Trip lose control? Will T’Pol let him act out his fantasy? Would she like that? Are they going to need to fix up a lot more than their hair, if they want to keep this affair to themselves?

You guessed it – you can watch the episode, or come back next week for another WIPpet snippet!

Until next week, live long, prosper, and, if it applies, happy NaNoing, y’all!



I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

27 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: Little Miss Not So Logical?

    1. These two really are just so much fun to write. Every touch, every word, become part of this getting-to-know-you dance. Everything has another meaning, a deeper level…

      SO much fun!

    1. Well, they’ve been in this cell for a while and, although T’Pol doesn’t seem to have given any thought to this, Trip’s starting to think someone will be along sooner or later…and he’s had some rather intense recent experience with the way she can overpower him…

      It’s not the best time and place for them to explore this, partly because they’re in a cell, and officially on duty, and partly because he’s seen how quickly and completely T’Pol can be overwhelmed by her passions, and she really isn’t ready for that.

      He’s getting to the point where he can see it starting to happen, and he’d much rather explore this in a more comfortable and private location where they can figure things out in a more leisurely fashion…

      Of course, that doesn’t stop his imagination from filling in some of the question marks…so there’s no telling (yet) what’s going to happen next…

  1. Yay for your writing success!! And yay for once again getting me hot and bothered with your Trip and T’Pol deliciousness! I love how she touches his hair and the line about Vulcans being as seriousminded about sex as everything else really rings true. Most excellent work!

    1. Oh, yes. Where mating is a life-or-death matter, it can hardly be anything other than a serious affair. And this has hit poor T’Pol hard, overwhelming control, logic, and pretty much everything but desire she doesn’t really understand. It’s instinctive and very, very powerful.

      And touching Trip – even in seemingly innocent ways – only further triggers those responses….

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it. The story is definitely improving as I revise each snippet. And so much fun!

  2. “Figure out how the uniform worked.” Hahaha! Is it wrong that I wonder about that too? Like, how do they even pee wearing that thing???

    I did have to check out the other snippets you linked because, well, SPOCK! He’s my favorite character in any version of the show, and I love Leonard Nimoy every bit as much for reasons too long to go into here. Anyway, I loved the other snippets too.

    1. If it’s wrong, I’m right there with you! I was pretty surprised to see, in “Shockwave Part 2”, that T’Pol’s outfit was two-piece.

      But I really feel for the women of Starfleet in this era -those jumpsuits do NOT look conducive to elimination or anything else!

      Oh, I so know what you mean about Leonard! When I was 7, and In Search Of… was on TV, I would run from anywhere in the house to hear him narrating it.

      I hadn’t seen Star Trek, at that point in my life, and I don’t think I knew he was Spock. I knew he was smart, though, and made my life bigger, and had THAT VOICE..

      I’m glad you enjoyed them. I’ve been writing Spock fanfic since I was 13, so I’ve had LOTS of practice.

    1. Well, in actuality the whole story will only be a few thousand words, but, broken into WIPpets…I’m revising each snippet separately, before posting, and it’s really cool how new little bits and tangles keep presenting themselves. I always knew there was more to the attraction between TnT than just getting frisky in the Decon Chamber (given the circumstances, which i’m not revealing just yet, there almost HAD to be), but I’ surprised at just how much ground they cover together, in those hidden minutes in a small cell.

      The parallels are interesting. T’Pol’s feeling aren’t forbidden, in her culture, so much as they are irrelevant. She’s expected to marry as arranged; emotions aren’t a factor in it.

      What she does about that…well, I’m not saying. Not yet.

      I loved this song too, and think I will be adding Aida to my Watch list.So happy you introduced me to it!

  3. VERY “serious and single-minded” — gives me hope the two will truly get together, and I don’t even know enough about StarTrek to understand that Vulcan (?) psychology. Steamy, sexy, and full of that will they-won’t they that will pull readers right into the story. A fine WIPpet. Thank you!

    1. Thank you – now to finish the book by the end of the month…it’s getting pretty interesting!

      Oh, no. Separate kennels wouldn’t be nearly as much fun…except that, if they were separated, they might just figure out how to commit a jailbreak, which isn’t even on their radar, at the moment….

      But I love the way that every little thing ends up sparking other things, between them…that’s a huge reason why I love the show.

    1. I’m just happy to see you, anytime!

      Looks like you picked a good week to come by. These two do seem to have a thing for one another’s ears…and other things…

      And congratulations on the new book -how exciting!

  4. *shakes off water droplets from cold shower* wow- that was steamy! I loved it, as always. I can’t help being envious of someone on the receiving end of all that single-minded focus 😉 The conflict in poor Trip is delicious – I almost feel his pain!

    1. I don’t think he’s complaining, at the moment, though! 😉

      I feel a little sorry for poor bewildered T’Pol, who is so absolutely overwhelmed by things she never expected to feel, and doesn’t understand…

      At least Trip’s got a clue. T’Pol, not so much…

    1. Seriously! He gets her out of his hair, and starts undressing her in his mind. Like that’s gonna help! =D

      Imaginations don’t seem to care, though. Mine kept me up all night!

  5. *Bam!*

    Okay, I’m grinning. Well, that and I need some ice water. Why don’t I learn to bring that when I visit your WIPpets? Excellent usage of my 10k word. 😀 And I certainly love the way Trip gets all formal to try and break T’Pol out of her…um…distracted state.

    “Course, I really don’t have that much hair on the outside of my ears.” Don’t know whether to slap him or love him.

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