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WIPpet Wednesday: Sizzling Polarity

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday –K.L. Schwengel’s weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move their WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date.

For those keeping track:

  • This is Story #2, originally titled “Mystery Woman”, in its entirety. The prompt was to write a drabble – a story of exactly 100 words.

WIPpet Math:

Today is June 4, 2014.

Today’s math…

  • 6+4+14 =24 (adding the digits of the date).
  • 24=1=25 (adding the one from 2014 a second time, ’cause I can!)
  • 25×4=100 (multiplying the previous sum by the four from 2014….because there are 100 words in Trip’s drabble!)

I’m offering up a taste of myStory A Day May Challenge.I’m exploring my fanfiction concept for Star Trek: Enterprise, and the interspecies relationship betweenT’Pol and Trip, in a project tentatively titledThe IDIC Romance.

A bit about the challenge:

Story a Day is just that- a story every day in May. To make the challenge more interesting for myself, I used all of the prompts offered, throughout the month.

So, although the stories are sequential, they will have various tones, POVs, and voices, due to the particular prompts that were in play during the writing.

I like the effect, and the way the stories stretched me out of my comfortable writing spaces, and took my stories with them. However, it would be best, maybe, to read each story without expectations that it will match those before or after it. I will let you know when I shift to a new story, to help ease any pangs the transitions might bring.

I’ll keep sharing these for a while; they seem to be rather popular, and I won’t see Henry and Tisira again until later in the summer.

This snippet is an extrapolation from the “jazz club” scenes in the episode “Fusion”. I’ve estimated that this exchange happened about 14 months before the first mission of Enterprise NX-01, the first Warp 5 starship.

We’ve heardT’Pol‘s side of their first meeting, and her unprecedented and protocol-defying Awakening…but how does a human experience this? Or does he, at all?

Let’s get to know Charles “Trip” Tucker III, the newly promoted Chief Engineer of the NX-01, about to be very busy preparing ship’s systems for launch, and enjoying a rare night out with friends, when a most unusual young woman suddenly monopolizes his attention…

Her eyes went wide. I couldn’t look away; she didn’t. Sizzling polarity arced between us, sparking new desires. It was alien, nameless – consuming as plasma fire.

We gasped together as the music soared and surged, through and between us, tangling, binding, irresistible. Her face was incandescent, yearning, compelling –

The note stretched; time stopped. She burned into me. I was omnipotent; helpless – hers. But was she mine?

My burger slipped from my fingers, landed in my lap, a greasy mess. With a flash of silent motion, she was up and gone –

She was a fierce magnet in my soul, pulling, promising…

Poor Trip, tripping over the moment, and giving hot pants new meaning! Does he recover from the embarassment? What do his friends say? Will he ever see that young Vulcan woman again?

Well, these questions won’t necessarily be answered, but we will maybe find out what vermilion thread has to do with all this…

Story A Day commentary…

These posts are the seeds of a project that will germinate over the next months, so input is especially valuable. No need to feel shy; I’m a friendly sort, and will keep my phase pistol on stun ..for the most part.

Want more WIPpets?

And, last but not least, a spoiler’s paradise – because, well…these two are just too sweet together, whatever they’re doing, and I gotta share this amazing video that catches many many many of the best bits!



I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

10 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: Sizzling Polarity

  1. Like ReGi, I definitely got the sense of dancing, too. I like the sound of the “souldance”.

    I used to be really good at drabbles, but I haven’t tried writing one in ages. I should see if I still have the knack.

    1. Emily,

      It’s really cool that the feeling of dancing translated even when I wasn’t especially thinking of it. Actually, I very much see T’Pol and Trip’s relationship as a long, slow, convoluted, wary kind of dance where the steps keep changing, and neither of them are really sure who’s leading…

      Souldance was an idea that evolved originally for Spock and his wife, Niaan, in the Trueborn Warp series. It works well for T’Pol and Trip, too, though.

      I see more drabbles in my future. This one was fun to write, even though I think I have a way to go to capture and contain the rather incorrigible Commander Tucker in such a small space (which could be asking for all KINDS of trouble…!).

      I’d love to see some of your past and potential future drabbles. *hints while batting big blue eyes cutely*

  2. Without the preceding context, I was picturing them dancing, or standing still while people danced around them. Then he dropped his burger. Tickled me pink. 🙂

    1. ReGi,

      They aren’t physically dancing, but it’s cool that you mentioned the effect, because they are being somewhat telerotically wound together by the music, in a manner that would roughly translate as “souldance.”

      Physically, though they’re seated at separate tables a few feet apart. It’s an intimate setting – a few tables, and a live band playing slow jazz. T’Pol is fascinated by first the music, then Trip. She’s alone – and she’s just opened her eyes to find Trip staring at her.

      Trip is trying to hide is interest but forgets to be covert when her eyes close. He forgets he’s with friends, too, and that he got stood up. He forgets that his mouth is wide open and the burger halfway….

      Something I love (I mean deeply and passionately!) about the T’Pol/Trip romance is that element of comical dancing…in nearly every moment when the two of them are alone together, there’s some type of minor or major drama. And it’s not only Trip who fumbles with his boot and his mouth…that little Vulcan lady goofs up sometimes, too…

      It’s deliciously real, and reminds me more than a little of a relationship I’m part of!

      I’m glad it tickled you to read it, because I got the same feeling when I was writing it.

      Poor sweet lusty Trip!

  3. I have a voice issue here, but perhaps that’s because I haven’t finished Enterprise yet. But his voice sounds too much like T’Pol’s (and Spock’s and Henry’s)…. I’m not hearing the engineer here (I’ve hung out with a few here and there). A few technical terms, but not the mindset. He also doesn’t feel like he was suddenly drawn out of socializing with others. I mean, I know that suddenly all that exists in his world is T’Pol and he… at least for a moment until his pants get hungry and steal his burger, but I’m not getting the shift.

    Sorry if I seem like I’m picking your stuff apart, Shan. I know you’ve been writing a lot of new stuff and most of this is fresh and raw. And … it’s only my opinion. You know how it will best work in the long run.

    1. Sys,

      Life and my writing would lose something if you didn’t dissect things (at least, now the heads stay on…a definite improvement since Biology!).

      And I have a voice issue with this too. 100 words wasn’t enough to find the real Trip in there, and, although I didn’t mention it in this post, there was a second, magnetic poetry prompt.

      I wasn’t focused so much on the engineer, in this piece, as the man fascinated by power in many forms, who suddenly finds it when he wasn’t expecting it.

      In the backstory I wrote (this tiny little thing will definitely be expanded!), Trip had recently arrived in San Francisco, after an intrastellar assignment. He’s just been promoted to Cheif Engineer of Enterprise, and will need to report for duty in the next few days. He was hoping, in addition to the friends he’s hanging out with, to reconnect with someone he thought was pretty special – and who stands him up, this night. So although he’s making an effort to enjoy himself, it is, at least in part a show, and he’s distracted and lonely in a way he didn’t expect to be, because he was thinking he wasn’t going to his empty new apartment all alone…

      The drabble itself only lasts a moment – the moment in the “Fusion” memory sequences where T’Pol opens her eye (in the dream she sees the Arachnid Nebula and gives a little gasp). So, he’s unaware of everything else for maybe a minute, tops.

      Immediately after this drabble, his friends start ribbing him for mooning, for driving the pretty girl away, for losing his supper in his lap, for getting stood up for being shy, for his accent…you know, the stuff friends do…

      But all that comes either before or after these 100 words, which is all the story that exists for this, right now.

      I do think it took me longer to slip into Trip’s life than it did T’Pol’s. Whether due to female identification, Vulcanness, or general temperament, I do feel her reality a little more wholly than Trip’s (although I have a definite preference for ‘his type – not necessarily an engineer, but you know, the nice guy with the quirky side who is skilled at a variety of things that turn out to be pretty useful, and also tends to be a little shy and trying not to show it…).

      And, really, bring on the deep analysis! It’ll help this story, and those that haven’t been written yet…

  4. I love this line “With a flash of silent motion,” Very nice. And I like seeing this through Trip’s eyes now.

    1. Kathi,

      Thank you. I don’t quite have Trip here. 100 words wasn’t enough. But *flash of silent motion* does capture T’Pol’s typical grace.

      I do like the way she just kinda takes over his entire focus and leaves him open-mouthed, with his burger in his lap…and it may be far from the last time she has that effect on him, either. =D

      I’m looking forward to expanding this one into a short story, or at least a longer flash piece.

  5. Trip was always my favorite character on that show. I choose to ignore the final episode, which broke my heart. *wipes away an old crusty tear*

    Wonderfully well-written wippet! Like poetry – very intense and vivid!

    1. Xina,

      I love my Vulcans…but Trip is my kinda guy – smart, quirky, funny, clever, inventive, mischievous, and sweet. A guy who isn’t afraid of the challenge a smart and confident woman presents…

      I married a guy a lot like Trip. Seventeen years, he’s still sweet, and he still can surprise me. =)

      I don’t think I quite captured Trip here. 100 words is a huge challenge for me – I routinely write 30 word sentences! On the other hand, I have the prep for something a lot longer, and it was fun to find kinetic, engine-room type expressions for them…

      I’m glad you like it.

      And that final episode…

      It was just wrong. Wrong, I say. Forever.

      I mean, T’Pol was in contact with Trip and the Captain. She knew there were intruders, she knew where they were, and there were still both MACOS and Security people aboard. There’s no way she and Malcolm were going to let those aliens just find Shran. None.

      I’m torn about whether to use that finale (I have a wrenching follow-up evolving in my head), or chalk it up to a mistaken account of events – two hundred years is long enough that even T’Pol wouldn’t be alive to tell it true. And there was the Romulan War…I think history can be objective enough to call a man dead when he isn’t.

      And, of course, there are still those six unreported years…

      Is it a bad thing that I’m kinda happy I brought back the old crusty tears? *evil writer rubs hands together, then strokes cat slowwwwlllllyyyyyyyyy…..*

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