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Saturday’s Share: A Natural

Caption: Annalise with equine friend Jody and human friend Kresney.


It’s time again for Saturday’s Share – reflections and impressions inspired by images from daily life.

This week, I offer this photo of Annalise, at age 5, during her first solo ride. Yup, that’s my little girl up there, looking so natural as she sits confidently bareback while my childhood friend, Kresney, leads her through the field.

This moment was magical. Here we were, on the road I grew up on, with a friend I’d known since she was this same age, on a beautiful late spring day, watching Annalise fulfilling a lifelong dream…

It was perhaps the first time that I saw her as truly separate and independent of me. Yes, I had orchestrated this event, and I’d driven her the mile up the road to Kresney’s house…but this was really between the three of them, and I was the observer.

She had several lovely interactions with horses that summer, learning about equine behavior, diet, anatomy, and handling. She led horses through the pastures and out the gates, played games, and was the first person to ever sit on Chico the miniature donkey and Hannah the filly. She hung out in a pasture full of horses, Kresney right there to scoot her out of the way if need be. She was fearless and capable and sure of herself.

And then, the inevitable happened. Kresney’s house had been on the market; she and her husband had bought property a couple of hours from us, and were preparing to build there.

The house sold, and the hours spent with horses came to an end.

For now.

We hope to get to visit Kresney again, amidst the ongoing nature of all of our lives.

But, until then, we have these memories, this image – and a girl who found something within herself on the welcoming back of a mare.

Thoughts about what I’ve shared, this Saturday?

Is there a particular moment when you saw your child as independent of you, pursuing their own dreams, while you were in the background?

Can you remember when you first felt your own independence?

Feel free to drop a comment, image file, or link into the receptacle below – I would love to hear from you!


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