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Friday Frolic: Enterprise!


Did you see THAT

It’s time for Friday Frolic our weekly visit to Youtube, to see what wonders we can find to kick the weekend off right….let’s see….yup!
This week, I offer you….

In 2001, when this show first aired, I was a brand new Mom. I was also saturated with Star Trek – the 13 years previous had seen The Next Generation, which I loved. Deep Space Nine, which I never fully embraced, and Voyager, which I seldom watched. I will also confess to fairly serious doubts that Quantum Leap‘s Scott Bakula could ever be a believable starship captain.

When Enterprise was canceled in 2005, Annalise was a year old, or nearly so, and I had never seen an episode, or even a commercial.

A few weeks ago, I discovered it on Netflix, and, since a friend had spoken about it a few months earlier, I gave it a try – and found a new facet to my Trek passion…

Because I love to share….let the Friday Frolic fun begin!

Enterprise Theme Song(Seasons 1 and 2)

Star Trek: Enterprise Outtakes Season 1 (bonus Italian subtitles!)

Star Trek Enterprise Outtakes Season 2

Star Trek Enterprise Outtakes Season 3 (with more Italian!)

Star Trek Enterprise Season 4 Outtakes (with yet more Italian!)

Trip and T’Pol Kiss

Want more Enterprise? That’s likely – I haven’t finished the final season yet. Less? Something completely different?
Beam or transmit your comments into the receptacle below, and maybe we’ll be delighting in YOUR favorite videos, soon!

Wishing everyone a delightful Friday, and a glorious weekend! =)

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Thursday’s Treat: Rocket Man

Thursdays can be tricky…well into the week, too far from the weekend…so, as a public service, I’ve reserved this space for interesting tidbits and snippets I’ve picked up around the Internet.

This Thursday’s Treat comes from YouTube: A man who (maybe, for many people) needs. No. Intro. Duction.

Besides, what would I be able to say that would compare to Bill Shatner performing Elton John‘s Rocket Man, as Only. He. Can?

Well, that was…..Shatner. Extremely Shatner. Nuff said.

Remember to beam your comments into the receptacle below – would you like more Shatner – oh, yes, there is much more! Something else? Let me know!

Until next Thursday, shanjeniah out.

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Try a Little..Lovely Chaos: ROW80 Update, 5/29/13

Curious? Click here!

It’s been lovely and chaotic here. It rained a lot, and out roof leaked. Repairs have been effected, and only a drip or two during today’s heavy thunderstorm and tornado warning.

Two cars needed some repairs, and that’s moving ahead.

I’m watching a lot of Enterprise, and confirming that it’s not just Spock who does it for me, it’s the entire Vulcan species. And watching Trip and T’Pol dance with the intricacies and intimacies of interplanetary romance is not only frustratingly and poignantly entertaining, it is also a fertile starfield’s worth of inspiration for my own writing…

The kids and I will be away for the weekend, so there may not be much of an update, on Sunday.

I’m in a pondering place, with ideas and epiphanies being born, and deep connections made, so I am much more in a musing and feeling mode than a talkative one,right now….


And now, a look at what I’ve been up to:




CompleteBlood and Breath by June 1 (adpating date to June 10).


  • Current total: 93,284 of ~100,000 words.
  • Chapter 18; Sc. 3 pending.
  • WIP will have either nineteen or twenty chapters, and an epilogue.
  • Pending.





Continue throughout round:


Sharing posts from all blogs.


  • Target Attained!


Commenting according to my posted schedules.


  • Target attained!

Completed by End of Round:


Create resource lists for all features, and add to them in an organic and ongoing way.


  • I’ve been puttering at this, but not sure if I have all, yet.
  • Pending.


Completed by June 1 (shifting to June 15):


Build scheduled posts two weeks ahead for each feature.


  • Pending.


Completed by June 10 (shifting to End of Round):


Have two more posts for each feature in drafts queue.


  • Pending.


Maintain as additional safety margin.


  • Pending.


By End of Round:


Draft plan for website hosting expenses (where will money come from?).


  • I now have $170 of the $350 required!
  • Pending.




Continue throughout round:


ROW80 updates and sponsor visits.


  • Target attained!



Comment on posts and share as inspired.


  • Target attained!



Use in features where appropriate.


  • Target attained!


Create discussions around new thoughts.


  • Target attained!



Facebook and Facebook Groups :


I fell away from my groups over the last months. Reconnect, participate, share.


  • Easing back into this.
  • Pending.



Visit each day; read, share, tweet, comment.


  • Not every day,but I am starting to get the hang of it a little more, through Tweetdeck.
  • Pending.



Google +, LinkedIn, and Pinterest


Visit each weekly for May, then evaluate by June 1.


  • I’m checking Google + more often.
  • Nothing on the other two, as yet.
  • Pending.


Have fun with these – and, if not, let them go! =)


  • Pending.




Continue participating in activities and connecting with friends. This tends to slide during busy writing times; take advantage of natural lulls to feed my social spirit.


  • Preparing for a weekend with out-of-state friends.
  • Target attained!


My most recent fortnightly (or so) long term goals evaluation.

Progress on my Blogging Action Plan

Progress on my Noveling Action Plan

It’s a BLOG HOP!










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Time Machine Tuesday for May 28

Disclaimer: I do not actually own any form of time machine, nor is access to a time machine implied in this feature. I am, however, curious about history, stories, patterns, and interesting tidbits of many kinds.

It is in that spirit that I share Time Machine Tuesday, a weekly jaunt through fascinating tidbits of history – one Tuesday at a time.

May 28 is the 148th day of the year (149th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 217 days remaining until the end of the year

On this date in history:

King Henry VIII an d Anne Boleyn – Image considered by Wikimedia Commons to be within the public domain.


The course of the Erie Canal, in brick.

And now, a more personal magic carpet ride through time…

From my blogpost, ROWing Along the Erie Canal, May 28, 2012

A man and his daughters had found a turtle, and offered us a good look. We walked up along the lock wall, and discussed the awesome power just on the other side, and why the wall is shaped as it is. Annalise read a sign, and we studied the foot and hoof prints in the cement walkway, and how they represent the mulepath of old. We symbolically walked about half the length of the canal via the brick path that traces its route, and we sang the Erie Canal song.

Close encounter of the turtle kind.

That concludes our journey for this Time Machine Tuesday. Please gather your belongings, and enjoy your present!

What were you doing, on this date, a year or more ago? Would you like to share? If you have a blogpost, a photo, or a memory to share, or if you have something to say about today’s post, drop it into the comment receptacle below!

Touching history….
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Coffee and Conversation: The Lovely Chaos of Living

Grab a cuppa and a comfy seat, and let’s chat a while…

When I was six, my family was driving on an interstate highway late at night. Streaks of headlights and taillights painted the dark. For the first time, I  realized that each  car held  people living their lives, lives as important to them as mine was to me.

I wanted to see what those lives were, and to share my own…

Here, each Monday, I strive to reach that understanding through offering ideas and tidbits from my life.  Settle in for a while, and share something of yours…

A few months ago, I joined Kristen Lamb‘s Blogging for Brand class at WANA International. Every writer I knew who had taken the class was full of  new energy  and ideas for their blogging, so I knew that I would get more than my money’s worth.

Artfully lovely chaos.

I didn’t expect a life epiphany, though.

The big assignment was to create a personal word cloud – a series of phrases that describe various aspects of me. It wast trickier than it sounds. I know who I am. I am content with my own company and fascinated by the twistings and turnings of my mind, the passions and furies and sorrows of my soul. I believe in going deep into myself, spelunking as I would a cave.

But to describe these things in language – that took some time, and a great deal of attention.

Later, Kristen explored  my word cloud, and offered me a series of blog logline possibilities drawn from it.

Lovely Chaos leapt out at me.

It’s a perfect description of what I offer inf my writing…and it’s more.

It’s an  apt description of my interior, my exterior – and my life.

From the moment I  read it, I began to shift, to see what surrounds me through the lens of all the things the phrase “lovely chaos” says to me.

Lovely, 71 mph chaos in the hurricane simulator.

I looked at the dirty dishes, and I smiled. I will wash them, and they will be used, and, I will wash them, and they’ll be  dirtied, and washed, and used…

I  wash a sinkful, breathing in the scent of my dish soap, the caress of hot water, the dishes readied for their next use, the stray thoughts that pass through my mind. I can do it joyfully, as a meditation, looking out the window at the jumble of firewood and growing weeds.

I see the seeming mess of the living room, where the children spend a good deal of time – we had a string of cold and wet days, , and there’s been a lot of pattern block play, Minecrafting, Monster High Ghouls, baby dolls, eating and drinking, dancing, and language creating going on in there, and things tend to get cluttered fast.

I have a greater desire for some semblance of order in my surroundings than anyone else in my family. There have been times when I got downright mean about it, which never helped, and made all of us feel awful besides.

This week, though, each time I began to feel tension as I came into the room, the phrase “lovely chaos” flickered and danced into my awareness. I helped the kids to do a few small things that would clear enough of the jumble that I could function, and I did it with more kindness and grace than I likely would have, otherwise.

Nature’s lovely chaos. Photo credit: James B. Burton

I’ve just picked up most of the the pattern blocks on the floor. Soon, I will wash some dishes, move some laundry forward, weed my square foot garden bed…

There will still be lovely chaos, aplenty.

Yes, my life  is far less tidy than  I would lead if I lived alone. But so much loveliness exists, within this state of chaos, so much more richness and texture that can’t come in perfectly kept spaces. I love sharing my life with these people. I find them sometimes frustrating, occasionally infuriating, but always fascinating.

For them, lovely chaos contains learning, joy, connection, and spontaneity.

For me, it’s tangible evidence that my life is bursting at the seams with the gifts of their presence in my home, and soul.

Like so many parts of life, it’s all in how I choose to see it –

Is it about the work I must do, if I want to set things right again? Is it about the chaos that occurs in other spaces while I strive for order?

Or is it more about letting myself see the depths – each moment spent in creating, connecting, learning, growing, sharing, doing, being, laughing – the juicy marrow of life savored richly, if chaotically?

Seeing through a lovely new frame…

I’m choosing Lovely Chaos – for blogging, and for life. I’m choosing peace, and joy in living the life I have, right now. Someday, when my children are grown and have moved off to their own lives, perhaps mine will be less chaotic – and there will be less, too, of that spontaneous joy of a rising chorus of giggles, the vividness of their creations and discoveries, the things they say that just blow me away, their hugs and snuggles and bright shining eyes.

Lovely Chaos suits me just fine.

How about you? Have you ever heard a word or phrase that leads you to look at something that once bothered you in a new and refreshing way? One that allowed you to let go of your angst, and enjoy the beauty of your life? I would love to hear about it!  

Creators and Practitioners of Lovely Chaos!
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Waiting Amidst Lovely Chaos – ROW80 Update, 5/26/13

Curious? Click here!

Yes, that is a reference to the brand-new, Kristen Lamb inspired, header up top there – but it’s more than that.

It defines my life– a lovely and passionate chaos, that, like wilderness, has a structure and sense that escape those who look too quickly, or assume too much.

For me, these last days, it has meant less focus, and more simply being:

  • I’ve watched several episodes of Enterprise, and discovered the joys of Amazon Prime HD on my Kindle.

  • I’ve added a great many programs to my watch list.

  • I’ve added a second suit to my Spider Solitaire app. Very challenging.

  • I’ve hung out with my family.

  • I’ve done some writing, and some blogging, and some hometending.

Jolene Blalock (T’Pol) – a new Vulcan to inspire me! Photo by Jolene Blalock Via Wikimedia Commons.

I didn’t post an update on Wednesday, or a Thursday’s Treat.

I meant to, but the time slipped away, and was gone, passed in other ways.

I needed a breather, and I had one. As I ease back into a place with a little more structure, I am feeling better and more creative. A little lovely chaos will do that for me, every time.

And I am contemplating the concept of lovely chaos, and feeling ideas surging, merging, and shifting, because of Enterprise….

And now, an accounting of this session:


Complete To Be or Not to Be (double volume) by June 30.

  • (Will net two complete WIPs, once sorted).
  • Completed Chapter Twenty-Eight.
  • Current total: 112, 687 words.
  • Pending.

A to Z post stories -Complete by June 30.

Place stories into Scrivener files as expandable scenes.

  • All stories added, into the two base WIP files.
  • Target attained!

Reread both; create to-do lists.

  • Stories reread and highlighted for later revision/list creation through letter H.
  • I will reread both as separate files once all have been gone through.
  • Pending.
Japanese literature.


Continue throughout round:

Sharing posts from all blogs.

  • Sharing faltered a little this session. I needed a little time away from being social.
  • Still, I have new followers and increasing views, which is cool!
  • Pending.

Commenting according to my posted schedules.

  • This faltered too. I totally forgot to answer any on Thursday. I caught up on Saturday.
  • Pending.
Stalking the wild cherry blossom…..

Completed by May 15:

Create resource lists for all features, and add to them in an organic and ongoing way.

  • Nearly finished!
  • Pending.

Completed by June 1:

Build scheduled posts two weeks ahead for each feature.

  • Saturday’s Share scheduled for this week.
  • Several other posts in prep stages.
  • I seem to be stalled, at the moment.
  • Pending.
Artful focus.


Continue throughout round:

ROW80 updates and sponsor visits

Sunday, May 19:

Wednesday, May 22:

  • Target attained!

Comment on posts and share as inspired.

  • Yes and yes.
  • Target attained!

Use in features where appropriate.

  • Again, check. So much fun to share this way! =)
  • Target attained!

Other Writing:

Children’s Third-Quarter Homeschooling Reports: Due on June 1.

(Submit to district by May 25.)

  • Submitted in early AM on Monday, ahead of due date and target date!
  • Target attained!

My most recent fortnightly (or so) long term goals evaluation.

Progress on my Blogging Action Plan

Progress on my Noveling Action Plan

It’s a BLOG HOP!

Lovely chaos….
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Sunday Sampler for May 25, 2013

 Assorted lovelies for your reading and viewing pleasure….offered up weekly on a pretty blog platter!

I love learningand stretching my perspective; I love sharing what I find with others, and learning and stretching more in the process.

I offer up this virtual Sunday paper, filled with things I have read and enjoyed recently, in the spirit of learning and sharing.

And now, this week’s buffet of ideas….






Hows and Whys:

Smiles and Laughter:

Share your opinions, editorials, and ideas for future topics or articles in the comment receptacle below…

Happy Sunday Reading! =)