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Finding My Stride – ROW80 Update, October 10, 2012

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I seem to be hitting my stride, and getting the feel of my own energy. I’ve completed a few of my smaller projects, and moved forward on several more. I’m preparing for NaNo, keeping up with OctPoWriMo, and thoroughly enjoying my ROW80 sponsor visits. How is your ROW going? I would love you to share in the comments.

Honoring Myself  (Original goals post)

My one goal for this round is to honor myself – my rhythms, energy, and needs. My truth. My dreams and desires and emotions.

A fundamental part of that is to identify my energy type each day, and list what I do. It’s my hope that, throughout the round, patterns will emerge which will lead me to a more joyful and organic writing flow – one that truly honors me, while at the same time allowing me to get the most out of my writing time, which is seldom predic

Short Term Projects – Four pre-existing, and one new.

  • Moving firewood, as weather permits.
  • Brainstorm and Create Lists for Ebb Tide and High Tide projects.
  • Revise and submit “Namaste” guest post for a friend’s blog, promised far too long ago.
  • Revise and submit “Claiming My Passions piece” WIP submission to the Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette.
  • New Project – Register and Set up Novel Info at NaNoWriMoI tend to leave these types of administrative duties until the last minute, and then end up pressured, and setting other things aside, to get them done. So, I intend to get this “paperwork” out of the way, and have a chance to look around the relaunched site in the process.
Fall florals – marigolds and evening morning glories.

So, now, my energy levels and poems for the last few days…(full account is here)

  • Sunday: High Tide
  • Poem: Here, Today
  • Monday: Ebb Tide with Elements of Slack Tide
  • Poem: Husband Humanity
Annalise’s duct-tape zebra costume, and some horseplay, Oct. 2012

Now, for my thoughts on the specific long -term projects I listed in my goals post:

I am serving as a sponsor for this round.

  • I completed my sponsor visits on Monday. Doing them the day after I post my update seems to be working well enough to make it best practice. I tend to be creatively drained by the updating, so the lesser demand of reading and commenting fits well with day-after energy.
  • My sponsor post is complete, and has been submitted! Go, ME!!!!
  • I will soon be beginning a list of resources and ideas born from my visits, to experiment with during Ebb Tide times.

I am participating in the OctPo WriMo Challenge throughout October.

  • I have continued to write a poem each day, as noted above.
  • I continue to mull the project idea for the 31 poems when completed.
  • I’m visiting more poets now, but I still would like to manage more. Perhaps I could try to work a visiting day or two in each week- something to consider.

I will be participating in NaNoWriMo throughout November, writing at least 50,000 words of another novel in my Truebornseries, King of Infinite SpaceI might plan or sketch out parts ahead of time, or I might just leap in blind, with only the vaguest sense of where I am headed, which tends to work out for me.

As noted above, I have had more insights regarding this project.

  • I am continuing to gain a sense of the basic plot shape, and details are beginning to appear.
  • I ‘m currently considering what questions to ask my characters – hope to have a list to work with by the next update, if other busyness permits.
  • I will continue to do some freewriting to explore, and perhaps also write a flash fiction piece or two, if I have enough material, time,and inspiration.

I will be answering a rather embarrassing backlog of blog comments that have, in some cases, waited for months…it’s time – actually, far past time – to attend to these, acknowledge those who took the time to comment, and, in the process, enrich myself.

  • I have continued answering comments on shanjeniah.
  • A flash of inspiration hit me while I was answering a comment about my Energy Type approach – a vital bit of information that could bring two cultures and several specific characters more vividly to life….how cool is that?! Enriching myself, indeed! =D
  • Once I get shanjeniah up to date, comment-wise, I will be earmarking some time each week for attending to comments there, and will be moving on to answer comments on the guest postI wrote for Tiny Buddha waaaaay back last winter.
  • I am continuing to have good success with answering comments every other day. Once I get through all the posts on shanjeniah, I will settle on a 2-3 times a week, flexible schedule, so that I can avoid gathering such a great number of orphaned comments in the future.
  • It feels relaxing to finally be making headway on this long-neglected project.
Jeremiah’s snap circuit music box and fan, October 2012.

In addition to the projects above, I added:

Moving firewood, as weather permits.

  • I moved as much wood into the garage Sunday as I could fit. I then restocked the in-house supply. during the day on Monday.
  • On Monday, I refilled the stack depleted in the house restocking.

Moving ahead with the Reporting Pages project on The Unfettered Life.

  • There was not a great enough page allowance at the main blog, so I created reporting blogs for bothAnnalise and Jeremiah.
  • .I completed the text for Annalise’s Reading page, and began Jeremiah’s Reading page.
  • Next, I will move on to the Writing/Spelling pages, and begin adding links and visual elements to the Reading pages.
  • I would like these blogs to also serve as a type of portfolio for each child – s clearly visible record of what they are doing, exploring, and learning. I may even add recordings or videos…in time. All in time….
  • My long-range goal, for the rest of this month, is to have enough material for each topic to construct the main body of the report, so that completing the reports in a timely manner does not conflict with my NaNo participation.
Traintopia. They like trains. October, 2012.

Short-Term Projects In Progress for 10/7-9 (completed items in blue):

Complete and submit my ROW80 sponsor post.

  • I completed and submitted my post, as noted above. Yippee!

Continue brainstorming Ebb Tide and High Tide projects.

  • On Sunday and Monday, in my mind rather than in writing.
  • I will be returning to the list I began last week, fleshing out the basic Ebb Tide sections, and beginning the High Tide brainstorming list.
  • This project may end up being ongoing throughout the round. I am finding the tide idea to be a very good one for me, and expect I will carry it forward into subsequent rounds, and therefore I will want my lists to flow along with whatever I happen to be engaged with at any particular point in the process.

Review and revise guest post for a friend’s blog, promised far too long ago.

  • I have reread the piece, entitled Namaste. It is far more raw and scattered than I remembered, but I can see potential and truth there, too.
  • I’ve completed a rough edit, more to reorient myself to the ideas, delete unneeded passages, and trim the words than to create a submittable draft, at this point.

Revise and prepare WIP items for submission to the Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette.

  • I have reread a freewritten essay, “Claiming My Passions”, which I plan to develop for submission here.
  • I have completed a rough edit of this piece, to correct the many obvious errors and reorient myself to it.

Review guest post policy at Words In Sync for possible guest posting opportunities.

  • I have reviewed the Guest Policy, and have begun to read the suggested links.
  • I contacted Shah; she has welcomed my submission. There’s no time frame as yet, because I really want to get my sponsor post and the previously arranged guest post submitted first, and to be a little further along with the kids’ reporting pages.
  • I have a never-published flash fiction piece, “A Splash of Red” that I feel might be right at home with Shah. It is complete, but I will want to reread and perhaps revise before sending it off.
Annalise and Elijah’s tree, October 2012.

My Reading List for 10/7-9


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

9 thoughts on “Finding My Stride – ROW80 Update, October 10, 2012

  1. You do so much and are so spot on with the details it amazes me Shan. Great progress and I’m looking forward to reading your guesttie 😀 Have a great few days till next checkin. I’m naughty and didn’t write a midweek update, although I will on Sunday. I think mostly, one checkin a week is enough for me, unless I really have nothing going on. (Which is super-rare!). X

    1. Shah –

      Always such a ray of sunshine to see you here!

      I think I’m good at the details partly because I keep them on a LbreOffice file, updated throughout the day as I do things.

      This round, it helps that I have only one major goal and a few short and long term projects going, as opposed to previous rounds, when I tried to shove just as much into these 80 day blocks as I possibly could. A clearer idea of where I’ve come from and hope to go to is helping me to keep my variety, but focus in on those things that will best support me in my goals…

      And I’m thinking all those homeschooling reports New York State requires don’t hurt – they definitely keep me in an itemizing mindframe!

      You have inspired me to reach higher from the beginning of my ROW journey. So many thanks! ❤

    1. Phoenix –

      It is always a pleasure to link someone – I love when I get linked, and I like to spread that feeling.

      I am lucky to live a life that allows for lots of flexibility and time for my own avocation while my children are occupied with their own passions…and I don’t need a lot of sleep, usually.

      Really examining what I want from the round has also helped me to focus and achieve more than I have early in other rounds.

      Thanks for stopping by, and for the follow! =)

      1. you are welcome ~ I have to find out though what ROW80 is. It sounds interesting. Am glad you achieved more and focussed more. It is such a pleasure to achieve something in your passions 🙂

        1. Phoenix-

          ROW80 is an 80 day writing challenge wherein you set your own goals…you can learn more by following the badge on any of my ROW80 posts, like this one! Just click, and it’ll take you to the site. =D

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