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How do you ease back in to a more typical life after a major project winds down?  I’d love to know!

Sometimes, I am social, and my blogs swell. I write many posts, flash fiction stories, essays, comments, and the like.

I am out and about in the writing world, something of a social gadfly…

And then there are those other times, when something I am writing takes me over, or other matters do, or life does, or some combination of those.

This has been one of those times, and I imagine it will be, for the rest of the month, and, with a trip and a birthday to celebrate in the first days of September, it could stretch further….

Channeling her inner wildcat and her outer fashionista!

So I am here, resuming posted updates, but not yet ready for huge posts…

There are pictures, for your pleasure, in that old waitress wisdom of “Smile More; Talk Less”…

May your smiles – and your words – be abundant!

Corki – a fine specimen of a dog. Photos by Annalise Burton.

Goals for ROW80 ROWnd 3, 2012

WIP Novels:

Trueborn Series

  • Trueborn:
  • Reread current rough drafts from 1998-9ish and 2000.
  • I have read to page 194 of 342 in my second, spiral-bound draft.

    Say cheesy! =D

Chameleon’s Dish:

  • Experiment with removing Tisira’s story as a YA novel, with a potential optional add-on of the fanfic elements….not sure how this will work, exactly, but I think it might be the best approach to have something marketable without sacrificing my vision.
  • I have been exploring this in a roundabout way, as I write the rough draft of Trueborn Volume 3: To Be or Not to Be, separating original and fanfic material by chapters, which can later be split into two diverse stories.

    In full bloom! Photos by Annalise Burton.

Homeschool Administration Ad Infinitum….:

  • Standardized Test for Miah (due Sept.1).
  • Jeremiah has completed the Language Usage portion of his test, circling his answers in the answer booklet.
  • He has begun entering his answers on the Scantron bubble answer sheet, and reports that this process is “too boring”.
  • I suggested that he might want to begin the Mathematics section of the test – the final section – hooray! – as a break for the bubble-filling ennui.
  • Our goal is to have the test completed and submitted for scoring by the end of the week, and definitely before we leave for the Northeast Unschooling Conference on Thursday, August 23.
  • Begin setting up portfolios for both children – invite them to be a part of this process! =)
  • I have been collecting items for the portfolios, but haven’t done anything more in the way of portfolio building, thus far….

    Let them eat cake!
  • Relax, enjoy, learn, grow, laugh, and … BREATHE!
  • Oh yes!
  • Jeremiah researched, ordered, and received his long-awaited reconditioned laptop, and has spent considerable time exploring, adding games and apps, and beginning to research and experiment with creating flash games. This was an early birthday present.
  • I found some little flash games for assorted grammatical functions, and both kids and I have enjoyed playing them.
  • We had the kids’ joint birthday party at TreePaad, a local indoor play area. Although the power flickered throughout the day, a grand time was had by all.
  • A trip to theNew York State Museum with Eden Mabee and her Boodle. Local minerals, wildlife, carousel, logging, art gallery, hands-on area, and more.
  • A weekend visit from cousin Cameron, age 12, with a capoff trip to the YMCA for swimming and the track..
  • First trip to Build-a-Bear Workshop for Annalise, 8, and cousin Carlee, age 6. We adopted Serena the cat, and a wedding outfit for her.

    Cousins Sam and Nate, with Jim and Bonnie.
  • First overnight stay for Annalise at Carlee’s house – a continuation of their Girls’ Day.
  • A quieter evening at home for Miah, Jim and I.
  • Preparations are underway for our upcoming trip to Boston for NEUC, and, the following weekend, to Connecticut, to spend the weekend celebrating a new life, Jeremiah’s 11th birthday on September 2, and the company of friends we don’t see often enough.

    Impromptu front yard light show. Photos by Annalise.


  • Continue reading five blogposts each week, on average.
  • I have read All Dressed Up and….
  • I meant to comment, but….well, hopefully, I will get there….

Other Writing:

  • Play with flash fiction pieces as the mood strikes; aim for two submittable stories each month.
  • I’ve been busily working on reports and writing a novel draft, so no new flash writing.
  • However, the writing is bringing up a savory stew of new ideas, and, once the novel looses its hold on me, I imagine there will be a spate of flash pieces, and that they will feel restful.
  • Play with essay ideas as desired; aim for three submittable essays each month.
  • The same thing applies here for as for the flash pieces above.
    Annalise, Jeremiah…and Alana! =)


  • Write at 750 Words every day, with possible hiatuses for Unschoolers Rock the Campground (July 12-16); Learn Nothing Day (July 24); Northeast Unschooling Conference (August 23-7; and kids’ birthdays (July 8, September 2).On my birthday (July 29), I WRITE!!!
  • Yes, I have done this. Lots and lots of words – over 55,000 for the month, thus far.
  • Use 750 Words for whatever – flash pieces, essays, venting, ranting, reports, book reviews, etc.
  • I have used 750 words for my novel rough draft this month, and will continue to do so, at least until the draft lets go of me. I’ve experimented a little with Written? Kitten! for freewriting.

    Birthday party fun with friends Mary, Elsie, and Christopher.

Organizing/Tootling my Horn…

  • Draft a loose Mission Statement to guide me through the rest of the ROWnd, and carry me forward into the next.
  • I have been letting this seep into me, and will review and revise when I feel ready to do so.
  • Set aside time each week to winnow email. Read items being saved for later reading, sort or dispose as indicated.
  • I am managing to keep my email volume below 50 messages. Not reading from my folders, at the moment.
  • Be bold and daring in commenting, sharing, and submitting. Declare myself, learn, grow, and sometimes do things that make me uncomfortable. Open and blossom!
  • I call writing a more or less spur of the moment novel fairly daring…
  • I have also been active on the Camp NaNoWriMo Facebook page.

    Scenes from a party….

Celebrating Life!

  • Add some form of specific motion (t’ai chi, swimming, hiking, biking, skating, dancing, etc) to each week. Keep track of what, where, when, for how long, and how I felt during and after.
  • I’ve been moving some, but not rally keeping track of it. My right knee, while still prone to catch and ache, especially when it’s stormy, is much improved since May, but is still somewhat limiting.
  • I’ve done a little more dancing, swimming, stair climbing, stretching, lots of walking, and some weeding.I am feeling a little leaner and more energetic, on the whole, but also tired often as my bosy deals with ongoing changes.

    Boodle fun!
  • Fill us all up with joy, and continue cultivating family peace.
  • Yup. Lots of joy, lots of working toward resolving our stresses and conflicts, and we seem to be settling into a slightly calmer place – until the next surge of growth, anyway!

    Cousins Cameron and Carlee party on!
  • Spend time cleaning and beautifying my personal internal and external spaces each week.
  • Not so much on the physical spaces – I made peace with only scraping the surfaces of things until the end of the month, when Camp NaNo, the homeschool administration, and the bulk of our major scheduled travel will be complete.
  • I’ve done better with internal spaces. I feel increased clarification and deepening occurring beneath the surface of things, and know this will affect my overall approach to living, going forward.

    Sweet decorations….
  • Embrace and be present in all my moments.
  • More of them than not. =)
  • Allow my emotions to be as they are. Practice expressing them calmly and reflectively.
  • Doing well with the first part, and better with the second than I have been.

    Friends Alana and Logan…and Jeremiah.
  • Tend kindly and sweetly to myself and others. =)
  • More often than not, but there is always space for improvement.


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

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