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ROWin’ Through Emotion – ROW80 Update #4

Another brief and bare-bones update. I am writing words, but not words to put here….

A thought….I am considering joining the August NaNoWriMo. I have two novels I am wanting to get going, and doing one in August and the other in November would give me drafts of both to work on.

I’m not sure I will, yet, nor how doing so will affect the goals listed here.

I’ll weigh the factors, and decide before the end of the month…

ROW80 ROWnd 3, 2012


Trueborn Series:

  • Trueborn:

  • Reread current rough draft from 1998-9ish and 2000.

  • I have read and jotted notes through Chapter Thirty–One (page 133 of 240) in the ’90’s draft.

  • I am now more than halfway done with this read-through, and many ideas have occurred, waiting to be expanded upon.

  • Blood and Breath:

  • Complete story arc.

  • I have added Chapters Twenty-Four through Thirty- Five, and the Epilogue.

  • I had thought the arc would comprise 25 chapters, with a prologue and epilogue. It is ten chapters longer, at this point, and I am happy with the development of those chapters.

  • The entire story arc is 18 pages long.

  • I have accomplished this goal!

  • Chameleon’s Dish:

  • Complete basic research based upon library books and websites; looking for information to enhance later digging and prevent hugely obvious gaffes).

  • Hamlet – page 303 of 342.

  • The Colonial Cookbook – page 97 of 128. I made two shoo-fly pies from this book for our potluck dinner during Unschoolers Rock the Campground.

  • Shakespeare’s Englandpage 41 of 252.

Homeschool Administration Ad Infinitum….

  • Standardized Test for Miah (due Sept.1).

  • Jeremiah and I have agreed that we will get his pencils and sharpener early next week, and then I will order the test.

  • IHIPs for both children (due four weeks after receipt of packet from school district).

  • I have adapted both children’s Writing/Spelling sections.

  • I have adapted both children’s English Language Usage sections.

  • I have reviewed their ELA Resources.

  • I have adapted both children’s Arithmetic sections.

  • I have reviewed both children’s Arithmetic Resources.

  • I have adapted both children’s Sciences sections.

  • I have reviewed Annalise’s Sciences Resources.

  • Relax, enjoy, learn, grow, laugh, and … BREATHE!

  • Done and done – a relaxing, happy time for us all, although we are all tired.

  • Annalise, in particular, is exploring – modifying a broken television, creating watercolor art, copying Japanese and English titles, reading, playing Zoo Tycoon, creating computer animations with Scratch, and stop-action movies with her 3DS, and doing pages in a Mountain Wildlife activity book.


  • Continue reading books for Bookmark Break Challenge – aim for 7 in July, 8 in August, and 9 in September, but these targets will be flexible – summer is prime traveling time for the kids and I and we have things planned and others we’re considering.

  • Hamlet – page 303 of 342.

  • Guerrilla Learning – page 131 of 206.

  • Container Gardening – page 88 of 256.

  • Shakespeare’s England – page 41 of 252.

Other Writing:

  • Write 1 book review each week.

  • I have begun the rough draft of my review of To Kill a Mockingbird.

  • Write at 750 Words every day, with possible hiatuses for Unschoolers Rock the Campground (July 12-16); Learn Nothing Day (July 24); Northeast Unschooling Conference (August 23-?); and kids’ birthdays (July 8, September 2).On my birthday (July 29), I WRITE!!!

  • I have completed my 750 words for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

  • Use 750 Words for whatever – flash pieces, essays, venting, ranting, reports, book reviews, etc.

  • I am currently playing with a fanfic prologue scene for Chameleon’s Dish.

  • I have begun a book review.

Organizing/Tootling my Horn….

  • Continue inputting June 2000 Writing Practice Notebook, if not completed before ROWnd begins.

  • I am on page 94 of 120 –only 26 pages to go!

  • Set aside time each week to winnow email. Read items being saved for later reading, sort or dispose as indicated.

  • Inbox is now empty.

  • I have started to roughly sort messages into myfiles for later reading.

  • I have deleted more sites and a few businesses from my list, and will do weekly rounds of maintenance, to catch offending sites in the bud.

  • It feels good to know that, this time, my Inbox is likely to stay under my control, and I will be able to see and attend to the messages I really want to see – which now, too often, tend to get lost in the flood….

  • I have begun reading and processing the messages in my Leisure Time Reading file (the largest of the folders by a fair margin) – currently at 104 messages.

Celebrating Life!

  • Add some form of specific motion (t’ai chi, swimming, hiking, biking, skating, dancing, etc) to each week. Keep track of what, where, when, for how long, and how I felt during and after.

  • A mellow few days, post-camping. It has been very hot and humid until tonight, when the weather broke.

  • I have done some minor hometending, and, so long as I take it easy, it seems to be energizing.

  • Fill us all up with joy, and continue cultivating family peace.

  • Yup, in a subdued and pondering  manner.

  • Spend time cleaning and beautifying my personal internal and external spaces each week.

  • I did a tiny bit of tidying in my room, and some pondering.

  • Embrace and be present in all my moments.

  • I’ve done well on this one. I’ve been very present.

  • Allow my emotions to be as they are. Practice expressing them calmly and reflectively.

  • I’ve done this well, too – it helps that life has been pretty calm since our return home.

Elijah James Burton, July 13-25, 2003

We are still recuperating from our camping trip, and we’re in the midst of Elijah’s Days. Maybe that’s why I have less to say than normal, and why I seem to be waiting in a space of calm and quiet expectancy…

At any rate, I am reading, and writing, and being present, and connecting with my family, and pondering, and being with myself – and, for now, that’s emough.

I’m sure I’ll find my words again, and my desire for wider connections, but, for now, just know that I am well, and settled, and as at peace as this time will allow.

And I am remembering and honoring a sweet baby boy who came and left again swiftly, and who will forever be a part of all that I am….