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ROWin’ Strong and Steady…Goals Update #20

I keep wanting to write the type of long, winding essays and musings i was  writing last ROW, as though that’s the proper way to do these updates, since it was the way i began.

We had a saying when I waittressed at Yellowstone‘s Old Faithful Inn – in its season, at that time, the fifth busiest restaurant in the world.  We used it especially at lunchtime, when the crowd coming in post- eruption of Old Faithful –  hungry, tired, maybe slightly deflated people –  merged with the group desperate to get out to the boardwalks or balconies in time for the next “show” –  harried, impatient people who didn’t usually seem to relaize that the geyser has been doing its thing failrly reliably for a really long time, hence the name! – and creating a logistical nightmare for the staff…

“Talk less; smile more. “

I set myself very ambitious goals this round – so ambitious, in fact, that several people actually seemed a little alarmed by them – as though I would burn myself out, or forgo any semblance of a normal life, or maybe they feared that I had lost my mind.

If I have, it happened long ago, and blissfully.

As it turns out, I had a reason that even I didn’t realize…

 But more on that later….

Round 2 Goals:


  • Read at least as many books as the number of the month (4 in April ; 5 in May; 6 in June) from my bedroom To Be Read piles.
  • The Teenage Liberation Handbook page 373 of 435.
  • When Dinosaurs Ruled the Basement(aloud, with Annalise) – Completed.
  • The Trumpet of the Swan (aloud, with Annalise) – page 138 of 210.
  • I expect to have finished both of these books before my Thursday check-in, and to have begun at least one more.
  • I have completed 1 of 6 books towards this month’s goal.


  • I have an account of the absent-mindedness that accompanied Miah’s birth….it’s not really where I want it to be – I think I want fiction, but based on the deli….I’m going to dream on it, and hope I can draw out the scene I want to explore…
  • Reread the story as written Saturday am. I have decided to narrow the setting, and make the next account more fictional, or more focused on that moment of sensory intensity and inner/outer schism.
  • I then wrote a series of thoughts and questions based upon the first passage, to consider as I move on to other writing, family, and hometending activities.
  • I’ve written another passage, and now will give it more breathing room while more detail and plot, and perhaps some dialogue, reveal themselves. I have a shadowy sense of it, but nothing more concrete, so, rather than forcing, I will move on, and return later.
  • I’ve added notes and musings on a conclusion to the story in progress… I will embellish, and add the ending in the next rotation….I’ve had a dramatic idea, but my mind wants to play with it a while longer.
  • I now have most of a fragmented draft. Monday’s task – finish, polish, link.
  • I checked on the Unschooling Blog Carnival it’s taking July off, so there will be no June 25 deadline. It resumes in August with the theme: Vacation. I already have several good ideas to seed in my subconscious for a while…
  • Add pages/ edit sidebar layout on shanjeniah.
  • Now that I actually have five publishing credits (and plan to have many more!), I have begun to add links to and edit my new page,Where on the Web is Shan Jeniah?
  • Once I am at least temporarily satisfied with the lay of the land, I will be posting this page, as a quick place to post my credits, by category.
  • The page is nearly ready. I am debating the issue of images; but may lay that aside until I’ve ha more time to consider it.
  • I expect to add a personal image, and, and then to publish the page, in celebration of my accomplishments, and as my credits page.
  • The page was published early Saturday morning, and updated Saturday prevening, because my first guest post, Shan Jeniah on Kinship, has been posted atElizabeth Anne Mitchell.
  • I have begun a page for my growing assortment of blogging awards, after which, I will be able to further tidy my sidebar, and contemplate how to create slide shows of the relevant badges for both challenges and awards….

Administrative Stuff:

  • Cleanup email folders/organize, move, read, delete, act upon as needed.
  • I have moved some misplaced files from my Acceptance Emails folder.
  • I checked my Archives folder (only one essential message there).
  • I moved one misplaced email from my Computer Info file.
  • I went through my Homeschool Items file, deleting a few items I no longer need.
  • Input two writing practice notebooks to Penzu.
  • I am on page 51 of 120 of notebook 1.
  • I have decided to reduce this goal to one notebook. Two is more than I an going to be able to manage. There’s good fodder aplenty in these notebooks, but the transcribing takes time and energy.
  • I think I will stick with one a ROW, at least for now…
  • This goal now reads: Input June 2000 Writing Practice Notebook to Penzu.
  • I have 69 pages left to input, in order to attain this goal.
  • Take critters to the vet; renew Corki’s dog license.
  • I plan on talking to Jim in the next day or so about when we can budget this in, and then make appointments for both Corki-dog and Margot the Manx.
  • After the rabies shot has been administered, we can renew Corki’s dog license, which will expire soonish.
  • Talked to Jim, and have gotten clearance to make the appointments, which I will do on Monday (unless I forget!).
  • Pay remaining balances for summer trip to theNortheast Unschooling Conference.
  • Again, I plan to talk to Jim about paying for the hotel room in advance, in the next week or two, so that that bill doesn’t run into our summer birthday season, which runs from July 8, to September 2.
  • Jim approved this for this week as well, so I hope to call and pay for the room on Monday. We may still have a room charge or two, but not the larger chunk of the room to deal with.


  • Add JOY to every day!
  • Thursday: A gentle day, mowing and reading aloud to Lise. Reeading Chameleon’s Dish draft…
  • Friday: Weeding, cleaning piggie cage, more reading aloud. Finished rereading – it has more punch than I remembered!
  • Saturday: Trip to Country Living (local center for gardening and farm needs; I’ve been going
  • there since I was about Lise’s age) with Lise to buy seeds and soil and guinea stuff. Delightful visit; saw fledgling turkey pullets. Jim!
  • Sunday: Weeding, planning, beginning to plant. The Trumpet of the Swan. Flash fiction.
  • Add movement to every day, too!
  • Thursday: Mowing, hometending.
  • Friday: Mower fail (weather); weeding; hometending.
  • Saturday: Feed store with Lise,;hometending; playtime.
  • Sunday: Weeding; hometending; gardening.
  • Add self-decorating to every week!
  • I decorated myself with plans and delight this week.
  • Add more of my passions to each day, in as many ways as I can manage.
  • Thursday: Lots of reading, play, connection, hometending, rereading my own WIP, Chameleon’s Dish, and loving it.
  • Friday: Finished Chameleon’s Dish reread. Yard and hometending; reading; play; connection.
  • Saturday: Gardening prep; lots of time with Lise and Jim.
  • Sunday: Garden plan and setup stuff; connection with all immediate family members.
  • Add all these for my beloved others, too!
  • Jim: Spousal time; general state of peace; musing about future possibilities; facilitated allowance discussion.
  • Annalise: Lots of reading aloud; birthday planning; dreaming; playing; facilitated allowance discussion.
  • Jeremiah: Honored his current nocturnal schedule; pre-approved birthday gift wish list; conversation and snuggles; facilitated allowance discussion.

Some cool videos/sites Annalise and I visited this week:

So, back to the reason I chose to set such a diverse and ambitious set of goals…

I wanted to know something, and I was the only one who could give an answer.

I wanted to know how much I am capable of, at this point in my life, without sacrificing the rest of life.

And I really wanted to move forward in each of the areas I set goals in.

Now, nearing the end of the challenge, I have accomplished a fair amount of what was on that list.

I’ve adjusted a few of the goals, as it seemed a wise path, and I may alter more, in the next 11 days….

Will I finish everything on the list?

I really don’t know –  but, surprisingy, I’m coming to realize that that really isn’t as important as the attempt….

More next time!  I’m off, now, to –

Talk less; Smile more. 


I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

3 thoughts on “ROWin’ Strong and Steady…Goals Update #20

  1. I miss her too. She had quite the personality. But then, that is another part of life… And the ebbs, the flows, the living and remembering, the dying and the renewing…

    And yes, it is rich and wonderful.

  2. *laughs* While the words are different, the sentiment is the same… My Grandma Krupka used to say the same thing when I would help at the Farmer’s Markets.

    It’s good advice for those hectic times. And during the lulls…it’s often negotiable (or feels like it should be, though often the “rules” say otherwise). But even without… finding the reason to smile, matters as well.

    And I think you’ve done that. (and it’s extra cool to read this and talk with you today, because I get it completely….even though I have my own way of testing those limits and finding my own realizations. It’s a process.)

    It’s the ROW80, and it’s about LIVING and writing 😀

    1. I miss Grammma Krupka.

      And you know how i like to smile. Learning to roll with the flow – well, it’s getting to feel more natural, if not yet intuitive….

      Living and writing – yup. Add in some loving and striving, and laughing, and there’s a rich life, indeed! =)

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