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ROWin’ with the Motion….ROW Update #13

Someday, I may get back to the long, rambling essays I often write for these updates.

Today, though, is not that someday, and here’s why:

  • I have a headache.
  • I have a living room filling up with miscellaneous camping supplies. The children and I are attending the Always Learning Live May Symposium in Massachusetts this weekend; our first camping trip of the season). First trips always seem to involve more chaos than those later in the season, as we transition…
  • I have photos to add and a story to write.
  • I have hometending, packing, and organizing awaiting me.
  • I am more focused, right now, on the actual goals, and our weekend plans, than on deep musings. It’s getting to our active season, and I don’t want to still my busy mind long enough to get all pithy.
  • I have lots of clarity dawning, but….it’s not ready, just yet.

So, for now, I am just going to run down my progress, and add some pictures….

First iris of the spring, and the promise of many more….

Round 2 Goals:


  • Read at least as many books as the number of the month (4 in April; 5 in May; 6 in June) from my To Be Read piles.

  • The Shelters of Stone: p 737 of 896.
  • Tuesdays With Morrie: Completed.
  • I have read 4 of 5 books for May.
  • Read at least 3 articles a week from my To Be Read files on computer, and categorize those I choose to keep or share.
  • I have read Birth of a Homeschooler.
  • I have read 1 of 3 articles needed to attain this goal for the week.
Annalise staged a Snake Show on Wednesday evening…..
Sibs with Snakes!


  •  Submit at least 10 pieces of flash fiction or poetry this round.
  • I submitted my flash fantasy fiction story, “Sarjyn and the Kingdom of Man Above” to the Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette.
  • Within several hours, I received back what appears to be a form letter, and which has me puzzled, as it was an attempt to sell my a writing workshop, and contained no acceptance, rejection, or any specific references to the piece I submitted….
Freshly mown front yard….
  • I am in the process of investigating a few other markets for flash fiction:
  1. Digital American
  2. Diagonal Proof
  4. Fix it Broken
  5. Monkeybicycle
  • I have submitted 2 of 10 pieces for this goal.
  • I will continue to investigate the five publications above over the coming days.
Boyo my Heart!
  • Submit at least 5 essays or lists this round.
  • I have a rough draft of my guest post for Elizabeth Anne Mitchell‘s blog,  (a little long at 993 words, I think).
  • I will let this piece rest for a day or three, and revisit/revise before offering it to Elizabeth.
  • I have separated the very long (2500+ word) essay I wrote as my Cooperative Catalyst guest post into four distinct philosophical threads.
  • Next, I will refer back to the letter from the editor (which I have yet to answer -oops!), and check on suggested word lengths as well as the other places he suggested I explore on the blog.
  • I will be using this information to polish the thread I offer as my first guest blogpost there.
  • I hope to be ready to submit to Cooperative Catalyst by next week.
  • I I have revised my 773-word Anything Goes post to a tighter and within the word limit 572 words.
  • I am much happier with this version, but will let it sit for a bit before looking at it over again, then submitting.
One Corki-dog; three moods!
  • Continue submitting to hops, challenges, fests, etc.; at least 3 each month.
  • I am continuing with the Story a Day May Challenge.
  • Thus far, I have written a story each day, most of them loosely connected.
  • I have not yet written today’s story….first, a hot shower!
  • I have written each story just as it comes, and most in about a half-hour.
After the rain,…the rhododendrons!


  •  Edit all 2009 posts on  The Unfettered Life.  Consider layout and design changes.
  • I have edited the text for my post, Outside with Annalise.
  • In order to watermark the photos as a batch, I needed to download them to my Picasaalbums, then reset the syncing feature to include watermarks.
  • The photos are synced to my Picasa Web Albums, with watermarks, and I have edited and updated Outside with Annalise.
  • I have also updated the post Birthday Party Weekend – Part One.
Johnnies jumping up…such sweet tiny faces!
  • Take clips from first Penzu notebook.
  • I have taken all clips from the December 3 and 4th writings.
  • I have begun taking clips from Dec. 5 and 6th.
  • This leaves 9 posts left to clip for this ROWnd.
  • Input Chameleon’s Dish to Scrivener.
  • I have input original Chapter 9, into Scrivener.
  • I have found the next three chapters, and done a quick edit/reformatting of Chapter 10 (which will become Chapter 3), and Chapter 11 (which will be Chapter 4). It is now ready for inputting to Scrivener.
  • I have added Chapter 3 to my Scrivener Chameleon’s Dishbinder.
  • I have rough edited and reformatted Chapter 12; it is prepared for its future addition to my Scrivener binders.
  • Create story arc for Blood and Breath.
  • I have added Chapters Eight and Nine to the story arc.
  • As I suspected, the reconstructed version is drifting from the direction I know the last draft took. I’m a little sad about it, but accepting. It’s like a semi-rewrite, and I imagine the story will end up better for it.
Snake charmer…and flinger!
  • Clean up computer downloads, documents, photos, and other clutter – move it or lose it!
  • A few weeks ago, I placed all my writing-related files in a folder labeled Writing Bullpen.
  • This was a definite improvement over searching through all my document files for them.
  • However, there were dozens of files there, and they were not organized.
  • I have deleted redundant or unnecessary files, and organized the rest in subfolders.
  • My Writing Bullpen is now a well-organized home for all the writing projects I currently want close to hand.


The unsettled eastern sky at sunset, May 16, 2012….


  • Add JOY to every day!
  • Monday: Easy family day; allowed myself to express my feelings when I needed to.
  • Tuesday: Again, stated my needs and honored myself by doing so; time alone in a reasonably clean house.
  • Wednesday: Mowed the front lawn with new,self-propelled mower, easing calmly into packing for our weekend camping trip. Breathing.
  • Add movement to every day, too!
  • Monday: Puttery hometending; packing.
  • Tuesday: Hometending.
  • Wednesday: Hometending; mowed front yard; began gathering camping supplies.
Recent art by Annalise, who is making artistic leaps, just now…
  • Add more of my passions to each day, in as many ways as I can manage.
  • Monday: Family time; writerly stuff.
  • Tuesday: A few hours of sweet solitude!
  • Wednesday: Mowing; walking around the yard in the early morning; photographing nature and family life; attending a snake show.
  • Add all these for my beloved others, too!
  • Jeremiah: Snuggles, tickles, and spelling help; deep conversations; photo ops; lots of second chances; and saying yes to him using the brand-new mower.
  • Jim: Honesty; even when it was hard; appreciation; conversation.
  • Annalise: Seeing her as she really is; attended and photographed her snake show; time with me in my room; saying yes to her own tent for this weekend’s camping trip; snuggles and spelling help.
Both kids spent time experimenting with stencil spin art…..they got quite good!

So there are my accomplishments for the last three days. I may or may not do a Monday check-in (it won’t be Sunday, as we will be returning home then, and, after two days camping in the company of other unschoolers, I know from experience that we will all be blissfully exhausted.

I will not have regular (and perhaps no) internet access over the weekend, so I won’t be as visible as I generally am. I have structured my writing so that I can focus on things that can be done offline suring the weekend. Although this is a symposium, and there will be speakers I want to hear, activities I want to participate in, children to be with, and social gatherings to attend, I know that there will also be the freedom to read and write.

I’m planning to write my Story a Day (in a notebook or in LibreOffice); to finish The Shelters of Stone if I haven’t before then; to begin a book review or two (I have a growing stack of books waiting for their turns); and to work on the children’s quarterly reports, which are due on June 1. I may do some, all, or even none of those things.

May the rest of everyone’s week be joyful and productive!


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I am myself. I own my life, and live with three other people who own theirs. My intention is to do only those things that bring me joy, and to give myself wholly to those things I do. Writing has been my passion throughout my life, and this will become the home for my writing life...because it brings me great joy!

2 thoughts on “ROWin’ with the Motion….ROW Update #13

  1. As always, what a list! I hope you shake off the headache quickly.

    The stencil spin art pictures are very cool. I am trying really hard not to go look into that. 😉

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Kim –

      Headaches are a fact of life for me. I have a high pain threshold and usually bounce back quickly.

      The stencil came from a Crayola Color Wonder kit. The spin stencil is a Barbie set we got somewhere, used – I have no idea where, but it’s been here for a few years, mostly ignored till then…and now it’s out of use again….

      I haven’t tried it, but it does produce pretty pictures and lots of happiness. =)

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